Gloria Govan While Going Strong With Coach Boyfriend Derek Fisher Meets With An Accident!

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Gloria Govan While Going Strong With Coach Boyfriend Derek Fisher Meets With An Accident!

Former "Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan is happily in a relationship with former NBA star and coach Derek Fisher. The two have been spotted in some places, and wherever they are seen, they are just adorable with one another.

As the relationship was going ever so smooth, they have been tangled in a freaky accident recently. So let's shed some light on the horrific incident and also take a look at the love relationship between Gloria and Derek.

Gloria Govan And Derek Fisher included In A Freaky Car Crash!

In a recent turn of events, Gloria, who is 32 in age has been involved in a freaky and reckless car accident with her boyfriend and former NBA player Derek Fisher.

On Sunday, Derek's 2015 Cadillac flipped over just around 3 AM PT as he was headed northbound on the Ventura 101 Freeway. But thankfully, neither Derek nor Gloria was injured in the crash. 

As a result of that, Derek was then arrested and taken into custody after it was suspected that he was driving under the impact of alcohol. The car wreck could have been deadly from how badly the car had flipped. 

Fisher’s car was said to have veered onto the shoulder as it approached an interchange and then hit the guardrail and curb which resulted in the car rolling over, flipping and coming to a stop on its roof.

Caption: Derek Fisher's Car Is Wrecked After The Accident.

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Gloria and Derek's representative released a statement that read,

"On behalf of Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan, they would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They are beyond grateful that they are both okay and that no one else was involved. Both Derek and Gloria are home and ask that you respect their privacy." 

Gloria and Derek are dating one another since the month of October in 2015. Derek is a decorated player who has won an astonishing five titles with the Lakers in Los Angeles and has also represented some of the other big clubs like the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz as well as Dallas Mavericks. 

Also, did you know, Fisher was also famously involved in a physical dispute and a heated feud with his former LA Lakers teammate and the ex-husband of Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes?

As a result of the conflict, Barnes then went on to play for Memphis while Derek was handed a two-game suspension.

Addressing pregnancy related issues!

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan have two children together, Laura Govan and Lonnie Govan. 

Speaking of Gloria's children, Gloria was once rumored to be pregnant with Derek's child, and those rumors hit the media when she had a slightly bigger belly and was trying to cover it up now and then.

But when the stories became too much to handle as the fans just could not stop congratulating her and Derek, she then revealed that she was just getting fat.

Caption: Gloria Govan addressed the rumors of her pregnancy.

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There you go, folks. She was not pregnant. Now, let us wait and see if the couple has any plans to expand their love and welcome a baby soon!

A Little More About Gloria Govan:

Gloria Govan, who celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of February was born in 1985 in Oakland, CA. She is best known for starring in "Basketball Wives LA" and "Meet the Blacks."

Many people often wonder about the ethnicity of this beautiful lady and back in 2010, she tweeted about her ethnicity and revealed that she is half Mexican and loves Tacos.

She has two siblings namely Laura Govan and Lonnie Govan and has two children Carter Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes with her former husband, Matt Barnes.

Stay with us to know more about the life of Gloria Govan.