WKYC's Hollie Strano Age 46 Married Life Ends, Divorced? Truth Revealed

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WKYC's Hollie Strano Age 46 Married Life Ends, Divorced? Truth Revealed

WKYC's meteorologist might have excelled in her professional career, but her married life was not all praise-worthy. 

The mother of two had suffered a divorce in the past despite sharing the children together and now might have ended her second marriage thus repeating her same old pattern.

Hollie, who once called her second beau as the best husband in the world, could have lost her interest in the marriage and now might be looking for the third one.

From taking husband's surname to being divorced for two times, the meteorologist has lot to tell!

First Time Married, Two Children Didn't Help Avoid Divorce

It looks like divorce is a way of life for Hollie Strano as she has been divorced twice and counting. 

The WKYC Channel 3 meteorologist first tied the knot with Brian Toohig. The couple had started dating since high school, but only got engaged once they both excelled at their respective careers. 

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Hollie Strano with former husband, Brian Toohig (Photo: Bellenews.com)

The pair eventually got married in a traditional Christian ceremony later followed by a wedding reception which was attended by a few hundred guests. Not only that, Hollie, age 46, and Brian are also parents to two children: daughter Jessica, aged 13, and son Grady, aged 12. 

However, their marriage wasn't as smooth as everyone thought. Although the duo's relationship looked charming on the surface, both of them had started having second thoughts about their marital partnership. 

The former beaus legally divorced in 2011, but their marriage might have been over a long time ago. 

Adopts Second Husband's Last Name After Wedding, Turns To Same Old Name After Split

After the failure of her marriage, Hollie chose mixologist Alex Giangreco as her second husband. Although the duo commenced their relationship once the meteorologist divorced her first wife, they first met when Hollie was still a married woman in 2010.

Alex and Hollie had encountered each other when she was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the pair developed a close friendship with each other only to turn it into a romance later.

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Hollie got married to Alex in a beach ceremony attended by close friends and family on 15 June 2015. The wedding reception was later held on 19 June and was joined by around 200 guests including Hollie's WKYC co-workers. 

Hollie Strano's husband, Alex Giangreco kisses the bride on their wedding (Photo: ClevelandMagazine.com)

Soon after the marriage, Hollie adopted her husband's last name and started identifying herself as "Hollie Giangreco."

The couple looked very much into each other, which could be understood by the ended tweets the pair posted showing their love. For the occasion of Alex's birthday on 3 May 2016, she shared a post on Twitter calling him as her best friend and the best husband in the world. She wrote,

"Happy birthday Alex! You're my soul mate, best friend, & the BEST husband! I forecast a year of bliss!"

The couple also celebrated their second wedding anniversary together in June 2016 and looked delighted in each other's company. However, a month before their third anniversary, Hollie came up with the shocking news that the pair had separated.

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In the tweet shared on 4 May 2017, Hollie explained that she and her husband had come to a mutual understanding of parting their separate ways. Further, the reporter also insisted fans to call her "Strano" as she was no longer a Giangrego.

As of now, Hollie is happy looking after her children and taking the responsibilities of a responsible mother. Her kids, Jessica and Grady, are rapidly growing up, and Hollie is a proud mom.

Hollie Strano's children, Jessica and Grady in August 2015 (Photo: Hollie Strano's Twitter)

The reporter has not disclosed whether she is dating anyone at this moment, but it may be a matter of time before she comes up with her latest boyfriend.