Issa Rae Reveals Her Awkward Moments ; Also Opens Up About The Struggles In Her Career

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Issa Rae Reveals Her Awkward Moments ; Also Opens Up About The Struggles In Her Career

Series of awkward moment randomly comes into one’s life. Some moment comes as a creepy one while some become amusing. The H-town leading lady Issa Rae while working in the Hollywood industry shares some of her awkward moments faced in her life followed by the struggles she during the initial phase of her career.

At present together unfold the awkward situation in her marital life followed by her brief bio.

Oops Moment, Any Incidence Related To Her Prior Or Existing Relationship?

“The Awkward Black Girl” starrer Issa Rae though is very fluent with her character, yet in real life she seems to have faced some embarrassing moments during her young age. On an interview with the when asked about her most not so good situation the actress said:

“The entire sixth grade. I was young, but much of my material comes from that time. It was a weird transitional period because my family moved back to Los Angeles from Potomac, Maryland, where I hadn't been around many Black people. It was jarring to be berated for 'acting White’ when I was placed in a predominantly Black middle school in Southern California. I was also chubby, into boys who weren't into me, and tried too hard to fit into this ‘blackness’ I was supposed to be.”

Besides her oops moment in her young age, Issa seems to have no embarrassing moment in her dating life. Though in the series of “Insecure” actor  Jay R Ellis plays the character of an unemployed boyfriend of Issa but in real life the couple are neither dating nor hooked.

Similarly, while going through the personal details of the actress, Issa does seem to be in a secret relationship as giving an interview with the Issa when revealing about her relaxing moment ,blurted about having a boyfriend. She said:

“By watching TV or hanging out with friends or my boyfriend. I’m super into “Breaking Bad.” I like to watch series a lot a lot of Netflix, BBC. Like I just finished watching “Top of the Lake, ” and that was pretty amazing.”

Though the actress fail to release few details of her relationship but yes through social media, he has given a few glance at her man


When I want to stay mad, but he shows up looking good. #GayBae

A photo posted by Issa Rae (@issarae) on

Where in the year 2017, Issa is seen holding her bae’s hand welcoming the year.

Well, the lady surely knows how to take care of controversy and paparazzi therefore despite indulging in a relationship she has not revealed a dime about her man. This surely proves she is a woman with beauty and brain who surely knows how to keep her personal life and professional away from each other. Hence, she is not single, but she has neither married nor has any children from her relationship.

Bio of Issa Rae:

Born on 12th January 1985 to parents Dr. Abdoulaye Diop and a teacher mother Delyna Diop, Issa was born in Los Angeles with four other siblings. She started her career since the year 2011 from the television series “ The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” which further landed her in several other roles and characters in the movies and television series.

Further, the actress also has a broad audience of 2,00,000 on her Youtube channel which garnered around 23 million views allowing her to accumulate the total net worth of $600 thousand. Followingly, she also worked as a writer and published her book of short stories in 2015 while she has currently signed with3 Arts Entertainment and  United Talent Agency.