Jeff Ross Roasts Only Loved Ones; Does That Mean He Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay Man?

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Jeff Ross Roasts Only Loved Ones; Does That Mean He Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay Man?

To make people laugh isn't an easy task, as people won't necessarily laugh at all the jokes made, especially when the joke's on you.

And In this hectic world, where people have almost no time spared for taking the time out to smile, a Comedian devoting his life and career making that effort to make people laugh deserves an appreciation.

Jeffery Ross, who is known for disposing brutal insults to his friends and enemies equally on the Annual Comedy Cental Roast Specials likes Roasting his loved ones especially, but what about his love life? Is he dating somebody or does he belong to the gay side?

Is Jeffery Gay?

For a comedian so popular, being single at the age of 51 seems to create doubt on his sexuality, making people speculate him to be a gay.

However, the speculations are now proved to be false as Jeffery himself clarified his sexuality, claiming that he does not belong to the gay side.

However, Jeffery is out and loud about supporting Gay Pride. He has been vocal about his support throughout by sharing various posts on Instagram and Twitter:


Fuck Little League #Equality #NYCPRIDE

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Moreover, he was spotted holding a placard that reads "I am proud of my transgender Son." He even tweeted about going to San Fransisco for performing for Gay Fellas.:

Looking at his posts, we do know that he holds a soft corner for the LGBT group and has been supporting them with all his heart.

Hats off, Jeffery!

Is Jeffery Married or Dating someone?

Jeff's love for his work is out in the open, and everybody is aware of it. After losing his mother to cancer and his Dad to drug-related issues at Teenage, Jeff and his sister were viewed; differently. That is what made him help people move on, who have gone through the same tragedies. A guy with so much of love and care to offer to the people in need hasn't yet been heard being in a relationship.

However, Jeffery was reported dating Georgina, The Waitress; She was the only girlfriend whose name was attached with Jeff, back in 1992. Since he is single at the age of 51, no news have hit the media regarding him having a wife, which makes it almost clear that he isn't married. However, he shared a picture of his Mother on Instagram saying,

"I wish I could Marry her"

#throwbackthursday My Mom! I wish I could marry her.

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Well, he seems to be searching for a lady with the traits of his mother in her. Let's hope the comedian finds love in his life soon!

Jeffery has always been best at what he does; he has entertained his viewers by his acting, comedy and his writing skills throughout his career. He was also given the Title of the "Roastmaster General" on the talk show 'Jimmy Kimmel live' along with the 'Meanest Man in Comedy" by the New York magazine. He has gained massive success in his career, which contributes in the staggering net worth of $2 million.

The world needs more people like Jeffery and Rodney Carrington to fill laughter in people's lives where Hatred, misery, and violence have taken over the world by a notch.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Jeff Ross!