Joe Dempsie Is Not Gay! Reveals Fans Went To Ex-Girlfriend's Mom In Hopes Of Dating Him

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Joe Dempsie Is Not Gay! Reveals Fans Went To Ex-Girlfriend's Mom In Hopes Of Dating Him

Only a few shows along with its characters become internationally recognized, and their characters can leave a mark in the heart of the audience. And when audience gives a place in their hearts then the fame comes automatically. Also, there are few uber fans as well.

Actor Joe Dempsie gained fame with his hit show “Game of Thrones." And the star has a huge fan following, and among many fans, Joe shared an incident of an uber fan- who went to the extent of asking his ex-girlfriend’s mom in the hopes of dating him. So what was his reaction? What else did the fan do? Did Joe respond to the video? Let’s read to know more.

Joe Dempsie's Extreme Reactionary Fan!

Game of Thrones’ fame Joe Dempsie revealed an incident of a fan in an interview on July 18, 2013. Joe shared about the Danish fan- who sent videos to his ex-girlfriend’s mother, where the fan is begging to date him.

At first, Joe’s fan sent a video to his agent where the fan confesses her desire to date him. And she waited for a week without a reply and then she sent them to everyone with whom he has ever interacted over Twitter including his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

 And citing the same incident, Joe said,

"The girl sent a video to my agent of her talking to her webcam saying she thought I looked very nice and would I like to go on a date with her. A week after, she sent it to everyone I had ever interacted with on Twitter, including my ex-girlfriend's mum.”

Moreover, Joe described the video as,

“Video two starts with her on a piano. She starts singing a song about me, and as she gets into the first verse this chorus of male backing singers come up behind her."

The uber fan was waiting for Joe’s response, but he failed to respond her. So she sent him the third video which was the farewell video.

"It was her farewell video. By now everyone in Game of Thrones had seen it and Oona [Chaplin - who plays Talisa Maegyr] started tweeting her back."

Fans are the most significant accomplishment for any actor. So to acknowledge her effort Joe decided to respond in a special way.

"I freeze-framed the video and my friend took a photo of me kissing her face, and I sent it too her."

When Joe’s performance touched his audience’s heart, many would have wondered if he is single or dating someone?

Joe has maintained a tight guard over his personal life, and least information about his romantic life has surfaced in the media. And it remains unknown if he has a girlfriend currently or not. However, it's hard to believe that a good looking guy like Joe is not in a relationship. So it is possible that he is romancing with his girlfriend secretly, away from the limelight.

But when he shared the incident of his uber fan, his other ardent fans got to know that he had a girlfriend in the past. But without any revelation of the name, the identity of her remains a secret. And the mention of ex-girlfriend must be enough to fend the gay rumors.

Also, Joe Dempsie appeared as a gay in the music video Blue published on April 15, 2016. The Blue is the single debut of Rob Green, and in the music video, Joe is in a gay relationship with Rob Green.

Caption: Joe Dempsie’s music video Blue where he appeared as gay (Published on April 15, 2016).

Joe Dempsie’s debuted on Television with a series Peak Practice in 2000. And since then he has appeared in many television series, but his memorable performances include Skins, Doctor Who, Merlin, and Game of Thrones. His film credit includes Heartlands, One for the Road, Edge, Blitz, and Monsters: Dark Continent. With his hard work, dedication, and passion towards his craft, he has accumulated a net worth of $ 1 million.