Jonah Marais, Girlfriend At Age 19? It'd Be Surprise If He Isn't Dating

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Jonah Marais, Girlfriend At Age 19? It'd Be Surprise If He Isn't Dating

When you are good looking, got an athletic build, have a charming face and you are famous, the whole world wants to know about you.

When you are self-made and have got a huge fan following by the age of 19, then the charm into you doubles up.

But when you are Jonah Marais, who has it all, then the hype not only doubles, it quadruples.

Jonah Marais has made into big-time first with his single performances and now as part of the band Why Don’t We. This has created a huge amount of interest in him and today, we intend to shed some light on his personal life and answer about his girlfriend.

Dating After Split?; Gay Rumored Of Once Girlfriend Man

Jonah Marais made his first foray into showbiz when he started uploading cover songs in streaming service YouNow in 2014. This not only achieved him limelight but also gained him a small but loyal fan following.

But he rose to more prominence after he started dating Dani Cimorelli, the youngest member of the group “Cimorelli” in August 2014. However, there were reports that the couple broke up just 2 months after they began their romance. 

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After his short-lived dating life, he surprised his followers with his tweet back on 29 May 2014 where he had tweeted that he has a girlfriend. But when he quoted his girlfriend name as food, it was confirmed that the young man is into the food world.

Jonah Marais' announced her girlfriend as food in 2014 (Photo: Jonah Marais' Twitter)

Despite the break-up, on 6 October 2016, Dani Cimorelli tweeted a picture about getting up and getting excited when u texted someone as it turned green.

She later tagged Jonah Marias and asked if he had got a new number to which Jonah instantly replied that he had got a new one and would text his new number to her soon.

Jonah Marais and Dani Cimorelli public interaction even after split (Photo: Jonah Marais and Dani Cimorelli's Twitter)

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Two years after their alleged breakup, Jonah and Dani were still exchanging numbers and replying each other which left plenty of fans slightly baffled. Are they still dating? If they are then one thing is for sure, this news will break the heart of millions of fans who see Jonah as their Mr. Perfect.

In an exclusive interview with People music in 2017 before the release of his band's first EP, Jonah was asked about dating with fans to which he replied:

“I think it all just depends on who you are.”

This reply coupled with the fact that Jonah, despite being a heartthrob to millions, was yet to confirm his relationship status and had many questioning about his sexuality.

Previously, he had vouched for gay rights, which raised speculations about him being a gay, but Jonah emphatically dismissed all the rumors through a tweet in which he wrote:

"You support gay rights so you must be gay. I support animal rights do I look like a freaking llama to you" 

This not only dispelled all the myths surrounding him but also provided an emphatic response to all his haters.  

Family Includes Siblings; Mother As First love

Jonah is very close to his family. He grew up along with his two sisters named Svea and Esther and brother Zevulon in Stillwater, Minnesota. He regularly posts about time spent with his lovely sisters and is especially very close to his mother.

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Jonah, who pierced his both ears, uploaded a family photo celebrating New Year on 2 January 2018, where they were seen getting out and enjoying despite the temperature reading -10 degrees.

Jonah Marais with family on 2018's New Year (Photo: Jonah Marais's Instagram)

Moreover, he posted a throwback picture on his mother’s birthday, 13 March saying he missed her birthday only because he was out making her proud. Jonah called his mom as his first love and how he had been grateful to her showing him the right way.

Jonah Marais with mother during his childhood (Photo: Jonah Marais's Instagram)

Mama's little boy is full-pledged to his family. He expressed his gratitude to her sister, Esther for visiting him during his tour back in July 2017. Not only this, but he also shared the adoring pictures of his grandparents in Instagram back on 11 September 2018  on their 58th wedding anniversary gushing about their perfect relationship. 

Furthermore, he captioned the picture that they have been their exemplary figure of the love as he saw them while growing up. So he added that one day, he hopes to have a similar kind of relationship with his wife and leave the same impression to his grandchild.

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Palm Trees Tattoos; Obsessed With Palm Tree

On 23 Nov 2015, Jonah tweeted about wanting to get a tattoo, a choice which he reiterated again on 28 July 2016, again via Twitter. But Jonah still has got to get one which suggests he might be still searching for the best impression to get inked.

Photo: Jonah Marais's Twitter

But does that mean he is waiting till he gets someone special so that he can get something inked about her?

Well not, the actor was not waiting for the special one to get inked in fact, he seems to have waited for the right picture and right time to get inked.

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For two years he was expressing how much he wanted to get a tattoo, and finally, in 2018, his wish gets fulfilled. He got the tattoo of the palm trees on his arm. He Instagrammed the picture of the tattoo on May 2018 by joining the hands.

Jonah Marais' palm trees tattoo (Photo: Jonah Marais' Instagram)

It seems he is obsessed with the palm trees as he also flaunted his neon pink palm trees printed shocks on Instagram in October 2016. With his first tattoo, the obsessed tattoo man is likely to go for another tattoo very soon.

If he gets it done, then we'll certainly inform about it!