Josh Mankiewicz, Married At the Age of 60: First Met Future Wife at T.S.A Line, Interesting Dating Story

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Josh Mankiewicz, Married At the Age of 60: First Met Future Wife at T.S.A Line, Interesting Dating Story

People say that love is boundless to any physical bonds. Age difference, for example, is something that has not been a problem among two lovers. Let’s take Josh Mankiewicz who was just married in his 60s. But that is not the only interesting part of his story; the really interesting part is how he met his lovely wife.

Josh Mankiewicz is a newly married man; you must be wondering about who his better half is? Learn about his wife and also learn the interesting tale of how the two lovebirds met.

Married, Wife, or Gay?

Josh Mankiewicz got married earlier this year on May 16. He was hitched to his newlywed wife is Ahn Tu Dang, 42, the owner and chief executive of a home health care business in Los Angeles. They exchanged their vows at the home of Josh’s old friend; Mark Thompson who is a retired newscaster turned Universal Life Minister. Below is a picture of the couple's romantic wedding as well as the link to where they shared the lovely story of how they met.

We do not have the details about the wedding, but the juicier scoop is not the marriage but the story behind how they came to be in the first place. Speaking of the wedding, he was showered with love from his followers on Twitter.

When did they start Dating?

The couple had met in the least romantic place you can imagine of all time, standing in the line for TSA. Who could’ve thought that anyone would find love in one of the most boring place, but Josh was lucky to find himself next in line to her in 2009. According to the, he said,

“Standing ahead of me was this stunning woman I was staring at her. She didn’t notice. Finally we started talking. Actually, I started talking and she responded.”

So, Josh ended up giving her his business card. He had also caught a peak on the tag on her bag and searched her on the internet as soon as he could. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the particular ‘Ahn Tu Dang’ he had his mind set up on. “I was 100 percent sure I would never hear from her and that what I had done was something silly and overconfident,” he said.

But on the other side Dang had looked up Josh and worried about Josh’s celebrity status as a correspondent of ‘Dateline’ could mean that he has an ego. But after about 4 weeks she decided to call him.  “I thought, let me give it a shot and see what happens” s.he said

Josh who had lectured about the Islam culture during Orlando shooting at a gay night club had given up hope, immediately invited her to lunch after he came to the realization that it was her on the phone.

“I remember walking into the restaurant and being struck by how beautiful she was,” Mr. Mankiewicz said remembering their first date. Now they have known each other enough to know that they are compatible life partners. TMZ caught up with the couple few months after their wedding where they seemed ecstatic on their newfound relationship.

Caption: A short talk with the newlyweds, Josh Mankiewicz and Ahn Tu Dang with TMZ on June 7, 2016.

After dating for about a month, Josh decided to split up and pursues another relationship and Dang realizing it left him off the hook easily. But 4 years later in the summer of 2013, Josh was passing by her neighborhood, so Josh called her up for lunch again.

Breast cancer struck Dang only 5 weeks after they were dating and she had to go through a double mastectomy. But Josh was very supportive towards her; taking care of her in his apartment. It became a real turning point in their relationship as 3 years later they are now happily married.

Josh's Short Bio:

Josh Mankiewicz was born on August 27, 1955, in Berkley, California, US. He graduated from Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania that lies in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He must have an astounding net worth, but it is still under review.

Josh in the present time is a correspondent of 'Dateline on ID' where he started since 2012, but he is mostly known as the correspondent for 'Dateline NBC' where he has been working from 1997.