Kenny Wormald Is Dating The Girlfriend He Previously Left For An Ex! Soon To Get Married And Have A Wife?

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Kenny Wormald Is Dating The Girlfriend He Previously Left For An Ex! Soon To Get Married And Have A Wife?

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We often don't value the things which we possess and go for the things which we don't have our hold on, which may cause a serious problem sometimes.

Kenny Wormald, who is mostly known for his movie Footloose, had gone through the same dramatic scenario as well. Indeed, the drama happened in his true-life, and it's no other than a love life drama. Well, the actor and his girlfriends are the leads of this dramatic life event. Curious for the details? Let's dig in!

Kenny Wormald and his Dating Priority

Keeny Wormald, who is turning 33 soon, is an American dancer. He got renowned after he appeared in Jennifer Lopez's 2007 dance show, MTV's Dance Life. It is the same show where he performed with his first American singer girlfriend, Ashley Roberts, but it didn't happen to be the spot where they first crossed paths.

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The lovebirds started their relation back in 2003, and that's precisely three years before they appeared on the reality TV show together. Although the couple kept the exact date and venue of their first meeting away from the media, they did share a long relationship together. They stayed together till 2009 without any thought of tying a knot in between.

Kenny and Ashley's breakup upshot the patching of a new couple and it's Kenny with Lauren Bennett. Mr cool found a singer for the second time too; not an American but a British.

The two artists couple didn't show interest to reveal their love histories like date and place of they first crossed paths, but still had many things to open up through social platforms. They continued their relationship for next couple of years, from 2009 to 2011.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day this year, the couple made up to their Instagram accounts and shared their images. The images probably are the throwbacks from the time when they were dating each other.


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The pictures reveal the good times they had together during the two years interval.

The reason behind Kenny and Lauren sharing the images of each other on the special event might be the fact that they still miss each other.

Surprisingly, Kenny moved to his ex-girlfriend Ashley just a day after his breakup with Lauren. The couple was even rumored to take their relationship to the next level. They were apparently interested in entering the married life and living the rest of their lives being husband and wife.

The dramatic life of Kenny took more twists and turned when he left his re-patched ex for the second time. He left Ashley for he found a stronger bond with Danielly Silva, a Brazilian model in 2013.

The breakup with Ashley isn't so talked about the subject, which keeps the breakup reason confined within them. The Brazilian model and the actor turned dancer coupling, on the other hand, seems to be a strong one.

The relationship is now four years old, and there is no hinting of any breakups between the two. They often visit each other's family and enjoy family meetings.

Let's hope the very best for the couple, along with the best wishes for the future of their relationships!

Kenny Wormald match with Julianne Hough:

No wonder, Kenny Wormald, and Julianne Hough's match is not an off-screen one. It is a match we saw in the movie called Footloose.

The movie was inspired from its earlier version, and it just focused on dance. People like and remember the roles of Kenny and Julianne till this date, and people often praise for the chemistry they shared in the movie.

We got a chance to witness Kenny and Julianne's chemistry once again when they together appeared in a dance reality show called "Dancing With The Stars."

Caption: Kenny and Julianne performing in "Dancing With The Stars."

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We haven't got further chance to see the on-screen romance between Kenny and Julianne after the 2011 movie "Footloose." We hope to see the great chemistry soon again, but currently, we have a real life couple's chemistry to enjoy.

Kenny and Danielly have a splendid relationship these days, and we want them to share the engagement rings soon.

Stay with us for the emerging story about Kenny Wormald!

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