Keven Undergaro Will Get Married To Maria Menounos! His Girlfriend From Two Decades

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Keven Undergaro Will Get Married To Maria Menounos! His Girlfriend From Two Decades

Every relationship goes through the test of time, and Keven Undergaro and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Maria Menounos' relationship is no exception!

Keven Undergaro, a TV writer, is currently all set to get married to Maria Menounos, but they have had their share of peaks and valleys on their journey thus far.

Let's take a peek at the story of Kevin Undergaro and Maria Menounos, the longtime boyfriend and girlfriend who are set to get married and make some drastic life changes.

Keven Undergaro All Set To Get Married!

Quite surprisingly, Kevin and Maria have been in a relationship for two decades now. Two Decades. That is HUGE!

Well, for Keven and Maria it isn’t. They had been in a dating relationship since 1998, and eventually, Keven decided to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend, Maria in style.

Keven first went on to talk about how the couple has stood firm and strong through all those years. Maria, who initially asked if Keven was about to propose, did not think it was coming for her and she nearly jumped past the couch when Keven popped the question asking her,

“would you make me the happiest man on earth?”

Keven Undergaro asked Marie to marry him on Howard Stern Show.

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Marie spent a couple of moment gasping for breath and reputedly asking if all this was a joke, as the proposal took place on Howard Stern’s show.

However, Keven said that Howard Stern’s show was the one they would listen to while living off of twin mattress in a basement where they discussed the future. He said,

“This show has meant so much to both of us, it’s the first thing we listened to together 19 years on that basement on a twin mattress and I said one day you would be on that show and you will be a star. And here you are and here we are and…. It’s like why not make it official now.”

Things Their Relationship Went Through:

While Keven and Maria acknowledged their days of hardships living in a basement, it was not the end. Keven at first was rejected by Maria’s parents and family who belong to the Greek culture; they wanted someone from the same culture.

Keven, being a non-greek, turned them off which pretty much led to Maria being disowned by her family, which eventually led them to live in the basement in the first place.

After the couple managed to gather themselves, Maria’s parents also accepted their relationship.


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Another major problem for the couple was when Maria got diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Maria had to leave E! after three years because of the tumor surgery. Fortunately, the tumor surgery was a success and Maria was back on her feet with some twitch here and there.

However, the surgery made Maria look at her life with fiancé a little differently. She suddenly wanted kids before getting married.

The actress, age 39, had already gone for IVF and freezing embryos after getting engaged to Keven.

“Last November, I had three embryos made, and we put them in the freezer. Then we did inseminations — IUI — because I was like, ‘Listen, I think we could probably have done this naturally, but what was happening before is that ovulation kits weren’t working for me. Last month, I did another egg retrieval, and I got two eggs … So now I’m realizing I have kids in a freezer.”

After the surgery, she was all about having kids, but after getting better.

'A few weeks after I was home from the surgery, I was like "We need to get married! We need to have kids! I can't wait anymore. But it's like "alright, let's get better first."'

However, before getting married, the couple is likely to have children. As per Maria,

“We’re trying to figure out the kid thing first because that’s the most time-pressing — and the most important.”

Keven Undergaro's Short Bio:

Keven Undergaro, who has also had his own show with Maria ‘Chasing Maria Menounos’ has not revealed his age; however, celebrates his birthday on November 18.


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Keven has contributed as a writer for Adventures of Serial Buddies, In the Land of Merry Misfits and has also produced it along with many other projects. His most recent involvement was in 'The Tomorrow Show' as an executive producer who is still in play.

The entertainment biz personality, with all his extensive work, currently holds a staggering net worth of $10 million.

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