Malcolm-Jamal Warner Support Former Wife Even After Ending Married Life; Is He Dating Another Girlfriend Or Single?

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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Support Former Wife Even After Ending Married Life; Is He Dating Another Girlfriend Or Single?

Marriage is something that not only binds two people; it binds two souls as well. Even when you are done with your marriage and you no longer are with your partner, you do have a soft corner for your former partner.

Today we address the type of bond actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner is sharing with his ex-wife after ending their marriage. Also, we find out if he has been dating anyone lately.

Warner Supporting His Wife Even After Their Split:

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is a man who is good at heart, and he is not someone who likes to hold hard feelings towards anyone. An example of that can be seen via his relationship with his wife who is no longer tied in a nuptial knot with Warner. 

The man is not a big fan of speaking about his personal life and relationships which is why no major pieces of information about the date of their marriage along with the details of the demise of the relationship have been revealed. But one thing we do know is that the two still are good friends and in the series, "Read Between The Lines", they were seen together on-screen. 

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Warner, during an interview back in 2012, said,

"Well, the bulk of that work really started with Felicia Henderson. Felicia was hired to kind of redevelop the show without Tracee, so she had the biggest task. For me, a lot of it was trusting her. Because I think if there is anybody who had the biggest doubts about—not so much in terms of my ability to do the show, but just the biggest doubt of how you make the show work—it was me."

He continued,

"The biggest response from people—whether people liked the show or hated the show or just thought it was okay—was that the best thing about the show was the chemistry between Tracee and I. So I was really skeptical. If everybody agrees that that’s the best thing about the show, you take that away, then how do you continue the show? So I think Felicia really had the biggest challenge. She is a really strong show-runner, a really strong producer, came in and was very invested in the show from day one."

Well, the two do have a magical chemistry between them and the two are in good terms too as Warner's social posts suggest. Previously while working together in 2016, Malcolm posted a collage featuring his ex-wife. 

Through the captions in the picture, Malcolm revealed that he still shares an appreciation for his wife even after the end of their relationship. He even expressed that he had "pleasure" working with her. He wrote,

"Hangin' w the ex-wife. Bigger network. Bigger show. She is doin' the damn Thang. @traceeellisross is truly one of the coolest women I've had the pleasure to work with. The best thing about the Reed Between The Lines experience to us, was each other. And super congrats on the Emmy nomination, yo! You're slayin' it. Mad ❤ to you!" 

Nice to know that there are no harsh feelings between the former couple.

Is He Dating Or Seeing Anyone Now? 

Malcolm-Jamal Warner was once in a relationship with Regina King who previously was married to Ian Alexander Sr. 

Warner and Regina King dated each other back in 2011 (Photo:

The two began dating back in 2011 and there were rumors that the two ended things up back in 2013. But Regina herself came forth and revealed that she and Warner were all good.  

The tweet silenced the rumors that surfaced back then, but no one knows what they are up to now. It seems that they might have already split as Malcolm has found love with someone else. 

Warner is always a man of few words with regards to his personal life and thus, he has not come forth to clarify this which is why no major conclusion about their relationship could be reached.

Moreover, Malcolm-Jamal Warner was in a relationship with  Karen Malina White (2000 - 2007) and with Michelle Thomas (1988 - 1998) who passed away of cancer in 1988. That shows that he has never lacked ladies in his life and that certainly shuts all the gay rumors that often surround Warner.

Moreover, Malcolm-Jamal Warner revealed that he had a crush on his on-screen sister Lisa Bonet in The Cosby Show. Hmm, Sneaky!

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Warner and Lisa as on-screen siblings in "The Cosby Show(Photo:

Back in 2014, he said,

"We were so close in age. But, you know, I never had a shot. You just know. At 13, 14, you know when you have a shot or not, even at that age. She's cool. Lisa and I, we've always been very cool."

Although the Cosby Show siblings did not have a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, they were great on-screen.

Welcomes First Baby

Well, after his series of known relationships, Malcolm currently shares romance with his partner. However, he remains completely mum when it comes to revealing who he shares the relationship with. Some sources have reported that she's a Connecticut-based attorney.

His silence when comes to family is sure a thing as he has welcomed parenthood along with his partner in 2017 but has not revealed his baby to his fans. Even though he posts pictures of his baby at times, he fails to reveal the baby's face every single time just like the mother of his child.

Well, seems like he prefers the silence and mystery among his admirers when it comes to his family. Well, he sure has succeded in keeping his family life away from the hustle of the media.

"The Resident"

Malcolm-Jamal Warner alongside Glenn Morshower has been finalized as series regulars for Season 2 of the Fox medical drama, The Resident. The actor played the recurring role on the Season 1 of The Resident, before their promotion.

Stay with us for latest updates on Malcolm-Jamal Warner!