Marjorie Bridges-Woods: Get Acquainted to Her Husband, Past Divorce Issues, And Children!

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Marjorie Bridges-Woods: Get Acquainted to Her Husband, Past Divorce Issues, And Children!

Real life is no fairytale and the same goes for Marjorie Bridges-Woods's married life. 

Married to famous American comedian and television host, Steve Harvey, Marjorie went through different ups and downs in her married life. 

Let us learn more about Marjorie's husband and kids and her married life's experience!

Marjorie Bridges-Woods' Married Life: Husband, and Divorce!

Who isn’t familiar with Steve Harvey? You might have remembered the time when he made a funny and embarrassing mistake in the biggest modeling event ‘Miss Universe 2015’. He is also the busiest man on TV hosting three different hit shows, so how did such an unlikely couple meet? 

They first came in contact with each other when Steve first saw Marjorie, while she was walking into the ‘Memphis Comedy Club. Steve recalls the moment as "love at first sight." Steve went on stage of Memphis Comedy Club and announced the same night,

"I don't know who you are, but I'm going to marry you."

Later, after a few weeks from the first meeting, Marjorie discovered the moment of clarity about the relationship. Recalling the moment, Marjorie talked to ESSENCE on January 2014 saying,   

"I knew he was The One shortly after I started dated him...but then he just left. Disappeared." 

Both Marjorie and Steve dated briefly while Harvey was struggling. Steve was with his second wife, Mary Lee at the time while Marjorie was with one of her previous husbands. Though dating for short time, the duo split up later.

They reconnected in 2005, shortly after Steve’s divorce and picked up right where they couldn’t 15 years ago. So, the two got married two years later on 25th June 2007.

The duo dated for years as revealed by Marjorie in 2010 interview with ESSENCE

“We were friends. We dated years ago and I think it was the long distance more than anything with Steve and I [that made us go] our separate ways. Nothing happened. He didn’t break my heart. I didn’t break his heart. It just was a long distance relationship and someone would have had to make a decision back then. No one made a move. But it didn’t mean we didn’t care, it’s just sometimes life gets in the way. Obviously, it wasn’t the perfect timing or it would have happened.”

Steve's longtime bodyguard was the one to push Steve to rekindle his romance with Marjorie. Steve revealed the information in an interview with PEOPLE in 2016 by stating, 

“He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie. Now before you go and do something stupid and marry another woman, I’m calling her.’”

Marjorie married Steve Harvey on 25 June 2007 and became Steve's third wife. 

Sharing the glimpse of duo's love, Marjorie shared an Instagram image of the duo on 24 July 2016 during the Neighbourhood Awards.  


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Marjorie has three children; Morgan, Jason, and Lorie from her previous marriages. Steve has four children from his previous marriage; Wynton born in 1997 from his relationship with Mary Lee, who is a former makeup artist and; twins Karli and Brandi born on 1982 and Broderick Jr. born in 1997 from his past relationship with Marcia Harvey.

Marjorie Harvey and her husband, Steve Harvey in the middle, with their children, Jason Harvey, Amanda Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr, Brandi Harvey (on right), Lori Harvey, Karli Harvey, Wynton Harvey, Morgan Hawthorne and Kareem Hawthorne (on left) attend the 2014 Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Gala at the Hilton Chicago on 3 May 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.

However, both Marjorie and Steve have no children of their own, but shares four grandchildren together; two from Jason, one from Morgan, and one from Karli. Steve Harvey shares the strong bond with all of his seven children which was also displayed on the show, Steve Harvey. His children gave him the surprise on his birthday which was published on YouTube on 16 January 2015. 

Here is a picture of Marjorie with her children who are all grown up.


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Up until now Steve and Marjorie had a happy family life, but now there have been rumors of their split. ‘Mediatakeout’ has even reported in January, the first probable sign of the couple’s divorce. Marjorie while attending the Paris Fashion Week told the paparazzi to refer to her as Marjorie “Bridges-Woods.” Let’s hope that the couple does not split.

On 24 June 2017, the duo celebrated their 10th marriage anniversary and shared an Instagram image. 

Marjorie Bridges-Woods' Past Husband and Children:

Marjorie was previously married to two Memphis drug dealers before Steve Harvey as per the sources. According to the source, there was a report about Marjorie's past husbands which reads, 

"She was twice married to two notorious Memphis drug dealers. After her first husband was sentenced to life in prison she divorced him and married one of the infamous Woods brothers, Darnell Woods, who was indicted on drug charges.Some say Steve’s relationship with this chick started way before he divorced his wife Mary, but who really knows? At least Margie upgraded from running around with drug dealers to running around with a dude who likes to dress like a pimp. Good for you Margie"

Marjorie's first husband was arrested and charged with life imprisonment. After the arrest, she divorced him. 
Later, she married the infamous drug dealer, Darnell Woods, who was one of the infamous Woods brothers. Both of Marjorie's drug dealing husbands were cousins.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods' Divorce Issues:

As if, divorce isn’t hard to deal with as it is, it becomes harder when you have a vengeful ex behind you.

For Steve and Marjorie, their relationship was shown in a dirty manner by Steve’s ex Mary Lee when she accused Steve of evicting her from her home and forcibly taking their son, Wynton on the court.

She also went on to post a YouTube video where she allegedly claimed that Steve was having an affair with Marjorie before their divorce. Later the judge declared that all of her allegations were false and also by posting the video she had broken the gag agreement, and there had been no evidence of Steve’s infidelity as well.

Steve Harvey with ex-wife, Mary Lee in 2004 (

Steve Harvey Skips Trump Inauguration for Marjorie!

When it was revealed that Steve Harvey had a private meeting with President Trump, the black community did not take this action well and considered it as an act of betrayal to the black race by Harvey. Harvey later responded to these accusations on an Instagram post which can be viewed below.

Steve Harvey was then, set to attend Trump's inauguration but had to cancel later because Marjorie said 'No.' He later clarified stating, 

“I’ll be turning 60 on Tuesday and my wife is taking me far away, So, I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration because my wife said no."

Maybe it was just because of Harvey's birthday or it was because of Majorie's whims, we still don't know.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods: A Short Bio:

Marjorie Bridges Harvey was born on October 10, 1964, in the US. Her birth name is Marjorie Bridges and got her the last name of Woods from one of her previous marriages. She is the famous wife of a renowned personality, Steve Harvey.

In 2014, she is also a fashion aficionado and creator of the blog, ‘The Lady Loves Couture', which explores Marjorie's exciting fashion excursions and provides tips on beauty and fashion.

Also, Steve's wife is the founder of Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF), the foundation focused to upgrade the living standard of children and families all around the world.