Does Ryan Higa, 27, Have Girlfriend? He Does Gives Away Pro Dating Tips

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Does Ryan Higa, 27, Have Girlfriend? He Does Gives Away Pro Dating Tips

Albert Einstein once stated - the only source of knowledge is 'experience.' Well, it's true indeed, whether it's your personal experience or the observation of people experiencing the said thing, you get to accumulate knowledge from the happenings.

So, the question here is, does Ryan Higa the famous YouTuber has a girlfriend? For, he gives away pro dating tips to his followers on his channel. Well, for him to share suggestions related to love life, he needs to have the knowledge in this regard. 

Therefore, let's find out if Ryan is dating a girlfriend or the tips that he gives away is the result of his past dating affairs.

Sneak Peek Into Ryan Higa's Love Life:

If you follow Youtube, the chances are that you might have stumbled upon Ryan Higa's video at least once. Ryan, who has attended an impressive height in his career as a famous Youtuber, has his fans located all around the globe. And it's evident that his followers have utmost desire to know about his life details, his love life being the most prominent one.

Meanwhile, his avid fans must be all aware of the fact that Ryan once dated his girlfriend, Tarynn Nago from 2006 to 2009. 

Ryan's then-girlfriend, Tarynn in his videos (Jan 21, 2009).

But what after that, has he dated anybody else? Well, if we are to go by the looks of Ryan's life he is not dating anyone as of now; however, he does provide tips on dating, like that of a pro. If you are single and thus, wondering how to get girls, the video below might just come in handy for you guys!

Ryan's tips on how to get girls (Jul 26, 2013 ).

Also, getting girls is not just enough, you need to be a perfect boyfriend.

Ryan's 'How to be a  perfect boyfriend' video (Jan 24, 2015).

For somebody, who knows the requirements of being a perfect man that a girl would date, Ryan sure is no short of people wanting to be his girlfriend. Additionally, it's not just his female fans who go crazy over Ryan; there are people ready to go gay for him,

Hopefully, in the days to come, Ryan will spare time for love and dating. 

Ryan Higa's Short Bio:

Better known as Nigahiga, Ryan is a famed Youtuber with over 20 million subscribers in his main channel just at the age of 27. Ryan was born on June 6, 1990, to his parents Wendell and Luci in Hawai and belongs to the Asian ethnicity. 

Ryan, who made his first YouTube video, 'How to be Ninja' more than a decade before while attending Waiakea High School, launched the channel 'Nigahiga' in 2006 which was created by Ryan and his friends, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago.

Ryan also has an older brother named Kyle whom Ryan keeps telling to start a YouTube channel.

We feel like Kyle should take advice from his brother!