Stella Ritter 'Noah Lee Ritter' Gender Transformation! Transitioning To Male, New Name

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Stella Ritter 'Noah Lee Ritter' Gender Transformation! Transitioning To Male, New Name

The perception of happiness varies from person to person. Some get satisfied with small delights whereas some intend to acquire much more. When it comes to showing some acts of bravery for the sake of joy, some succeed to hit the point whereas some fail to score the goal.

American actress Stella Ritter, the one and only child of the famous actor John Ritter and multi-million movie actress The Mask actress Amy Yasbeck, intended to get some major changes in her life. 

Stella did something which was not only hard to achieve but also required a brave heart to accomplish. So what was Stella's act of dare? Did she succeed in her goal?

Keep reading to find that out!

Stella Enjoys Drastic Change In Her Life

In 2017, it was reported that this beloved daughter of John and Amy decided to change her gender. Because she was from a famous family, her male-transition-process became a significant issue of curiosity to the public. 

Stella was biologically born as a daughter to her parents, the late comic actor John Ritter and actress Amy Yasbeck. However, her interests moved towards the lifestyles of the opposite gender as she grew up.

She grew up desiring to live a life of a man. So, she started the process of gender transformation after she reached 18 years of age.

Noah Lee Ritter, the name she gave to herself showcased her drastic transformation. After living a happy life as a girl, Stella was on her way to live a new life of Noah as a boy. 

Stella Ritter [Noah] posing with the new look (Heavy)

The gender transformation process started from and lasted till 2017. In 2017, Stella had successfully transformed herself as Noah, a transgender man.

American movie The Namazu actress Stella got support from her parents during her transformation process. Her mother and half-brothers supported her transformation positively. According to one of the close family members,

“She started living as a boy when she turned 18 last September and has renamed herself, Noah Lee Ritter. Noah is now living “24/7 as a male and has grown facial hair because of the treatments“John would definitely have approved of whatever Stella [now Noah] wants to. He loved her so much."

Thanks to her family who highly prioritized her happiness, the young teen had a worthful gender transformation experience.

Famous Siblings:

Stella better known as Noah has star list when it comes to siblings. She is the half-sister of American actor Jason Ritter, American actress Carly Ritter, and American actor Tyler Ritter.

All of her siblings are successful in their respective field. The Los Angeles native Carly also happens to be a singer/songwriter and has released a song named Carly Ritter.

While his brother Jason Ritter has been a part of some fantastic movies and tv series such as Tales of Titans, Girls, Gravity Falls, Drunk History, Parenthood, and Freddy vs. Jason. Ritter is best known for his portrayal of the character Kevin in the comedy series Kevin Probably Saves the World.

Stella's other half-brother Tyler is also famous for his roles in 'Arrow' and 'The McCarthys.' He is all set for his recent role in CW drama Playing Dead.

Glimpses Of Past:

Stella was born on September 11, 1998, to John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck as their only child. She has half-brothers and half-sisters from her father's past relationships.

Little Stella enjoying her parent's company (

Their family was happy together, but things started getting tough when Stella's loving father passed away on her fifth birthday. After the tragic death, Stella's mother decided to sell their Beverly Hills Home at the price of 6.5 million dollars. It's the same house where the Ritter family once collected lots of beautiful moments.