Summer Bishil Secretly Turned Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend Into A Married One? Or Doesn't Have Any?

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Summer Bishil Secretly Turned Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend Into A Married One? Or Doesn't Have Any?

Famous for justifying the role of Jasira in the 2007 film Towelhead is this excessively gorgeous lady Summer Bishil, and people undoubtedly have raised their curiosity regarding her love life and other details of her life beyond the camera.

Well, if you also are one of them, you have arrived at the right place, as today, we will be shedding light on her romantic life, helping you console your heart if you have a crush on this pretty actress.

Let's dive in!

Boyfriend David Murphy: Are They Married Or Engaged Or Just Dating?

Although Summer Bishil isn't completely tight-lipped about her personal front of life, she has shared the least details about her relationship status which is why her fans are oblivious to her romantic life. 

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However, on one rare occasion, Summer shared a picture - which is since been deleted - with her possible boyfriend back in March 2016 with a caption, “Me and the boo” which caught massive attention.

But Summer did not acknowledge the mystery man as her boyfriend, so nothing much can be said about their probable dating relationship.

Those who follow The Magicians star closely, they are all too acquainted with her timid nature when it comes to a relationship. Back in 2015, Summer had tweeted a picture of Starbuck mentioning her "boyfriend."

Summer mentions her mystery boyfriend on Twitter (Photo:- Summer Bishil's Twitter)

Moreover, Summer Bishil reportedly exchanged wedding vows and got married to her husband, David Murphy on December 30, 2016, at Pasadena, California. The news must have shocked many fans, as Summer neither introduced her boyfriend nor shared being engaged with anybody. 

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But till now, pictures to support the wedding report has not surfaced the media, and Summer has not uttered anything regarding her wedding with David Murphy as well. Thus, it's unclear if she is a married woman or remains unmarried till this date.

Speaking of getting married, the Lucky 7 actress in March of 2017 sent out a cryptic message which read:

"But I don't want to get married to prince ess! But like maybe I don't know. yeah ok sure! Yuyyyass!"

Let's hope that she clears the air with a statement or two soon!

Summer Bishil’s Family!

Talking about Summer's family, she was born to An American mother and a Saudi Arabian father. When Summer was three, her family moved from California to Saudi Arabia, and she spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia. She also has a brother, Skylar Bishil.

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On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Summer wished her followers by sharing a family picture back in November 2016. Moreover, Summer shared a cute picture with her brother on the occasion of National Siblings Day back in April 2016.

The adorable relationship of their childhood has beautiful grown along with them, and the picture Summer shared, speaks the similar story.

Summer shares a picture of her and her brother enjoying a brunch (Photo:- Summer's Instagram)

Likewise, for Summer, papa Bishil is the funniest dudes she knows as revealed by the 2018 Father's day post, whose caption read:-

"Happy fathers day to the funniest chillest dude i know!"

The job of Summer's father as an international banker took the Bishil Family from Saudi Arabia to a small island in Bahrain, following which she attended U.S. Department of Defense school in the Middle East.

Summer Bishil's Career: Lucky 7 & The Magicians

At the age of 14, Summer returned to America, and after completing high school, she got enrolled in acting classes. She was discovered soon and did roles in various shows, but she got recognition for her performance in the movie Towelhead and even won Young Hollywood Awards in 2008.

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She moved forward in her career with different roles and in the year 2013, she landed the main role of Samira Rajpur in American drama TV series, Lucky 7. Further, she went to appear in television shows including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and iZombie. 

Currently, Summer is portraying the lead role of  Margo Hanson in American fantasy television series, The Magicians. Moreover, Summer shared that the team of The Magician went to the Comic-Con held in San Diego in July 2017 via an Instagram post.

The success of Lucky 7 and The Magicians - which is currently in its fourth season - has propelled the 30-year-old actress to the superstar status; so much so that she was named best up and coming actors by Complex Magazine. She even has a fan website dedicated to her.

Summer is one of those people who has dared to follow their dreams, and chasing your dream is worth all the risks!