Trevante Rhodes Mysterious About Dating Affair and Girlfriend! A Gay Man?

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Trevante Rhodes Mysterious About Dating Affair and Girlfriend! A Gay Man?

American actor Trevante Rhodes has been close-mouthed about his love-life.

The Oscar-nominated actor was well received for portraying a gay man in the hit movie Moonlight. His portrayal in the movie was an absolute catch to the point that made people were curious about his relationship, and it was entirely justified.

Does he have a girlfriend whom he is trying to hide, or is he a gay like people are assuming him to be?

We have your answer. Scroll down to find out.

Trevante Rhodes Mysterious Dating Affair: Is He Gay?

Trevante Rhodes was put in the spotlight for his performance in one of the most appreciated movie of 2016, Moonlight. The actor's personal life was much talked about after his movie, and his fans were curious if the good-looking guy had a girlfriend in his real life.

The famous actor even graced the red carpet of Golden Globes of 2016 by himself and even managed to look every bit handsome in Armani.


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Well, based on his Instagram and other sources, it seems like the actor is very much single.

The former athlete might be single, but girls can't stop themselves from gushing over him. They even went on Twitter to express their notion. Take a look!

Another fan announced that Trevante was very much invited to ruin her life. 

The actor is very much single and is not a gay at all. However, he does support the community. Here is his stance 

"If we can fathom stripping away sexual orientation, skin color, sex, we’re all the exact same: We just want connection. We just want love."

He further added:

"I was born loving women but I easily could have been born loving men. It’s the exact same sensation… You don’t fall in love with someone [just] for their physical [traits], but for their mental."

Right there is the proof - he himself stated that he was not a gay and that he loved women. It might be just that he has not found his dream girlfriend.

Gay Best Friend

Trevante, who portrays the role of a gay man in the movie Moonlight, expressed to that one of his best friends was gay and he knew about the struggle and could relate to his character on camera. He said, 

“For me, it wasn’t about ‘pulling from’ [anything],” he explain. “One of my best friends is homosexual so I knew his struggle, but it wasn’t about pulling from that. I didn’t want to make it about that. It was really just about understanding people, understanding love and relationships…As actors and directors, I feel like our job, more so than anything else, is to shine a light on a subject and to let people know that they’re not alone."

He is one thoughtful and sensitive man. Isn't he?

If there is no dating affair or rumored girlfriend about an eligible, young and good-looking guy, they may end up with the gay tagline. People often make speculation and assume a guy to be gay given his lack of dating details. In Trevante's case, he is probably single and straight. 

Trevante Rhodes Career And Net Worth:

The 27-year-old Trevante was born in Louisiana. His parents got divorced when he was only 4. At the age of 10, he moved to Texas along with his mother. 

In Texas, he started grooming his running skills, ultimately landing himself an athletic scholarship in the University of Texas. He was a star runner during his school days.

“Even then, I despised running.But it was a means to pay for school."

Later, the actor also started developing an interest in theaters but not exclusively. 

Call it his fate or destiny; the athlete pulled off his shirt while jogging on the campus of the university. A casting director saw him shirtless, waved at him and told him that he should be in movies, and that is how his acting journey began.

The athlete turned actor is very much into work-outs, and a ton of his fans aspire him for that.

Trevante Rhodes's workout session video (Published: Mar 3, 2017)

He has been a part of some fantastic movies like Westworld, Moonlight, and If Loving You Is Wrong. However, the net worth of this actor has not been disclosed yet much like his love-life.