Proud Parents of Boxer Nicola Adams: New Career After Rio? Openly Bisexual, Boyfriend?

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Proud Parents of Boxer Nicola Adams: New Career After Rio? Openly Bisexual, Boyfriend?

Nicola Adams, the English boxer made her parents proud as she won a gold medal in Summer Olympics 2012, held in London, United Kingdom. Well, every parent would be proud if their child earns fame and respect for themselves. Today we aim to know about Nicola Adams’s professional as well as her personal life as much as we can.

Nicola Adams has been a constant source of to most of the athletes around the world but is this famous personality related or romantically linked to anybody? We guess not as she seems to be focusing on her career till now. However, Nicola Adams is a bisexual and has gracefully accepted that fact. So, it is not a necessity that she should only be seen with a man. Being a bisexual gives her every freedom to choose between men, women, gay or lesbian but despite all the choices she has, she seems to be single at the moment and focusing on leveling her career at a higher rank.

Being a girl, her parents must have a wish for her to settle down with a nice husband but it is all up to her decision. She is the boss in this case as it is her decision to make a boyfriend or a girlfriend, get married or get settled with a female partner and cohabitate.

Professional life of Nicola Adams:

Nicola Adams, had her first round when she was 13 years old and she won in that. Continuing that path; she became the first woman boxer to ever represent England against an Irish boxer. After about two years, she became English armature champion for the first time and for the following three years; she successfully kept that title to her name.

In all of her career till now, she never went down from 2nd position. She always juggled between the 1st and 2nd position all her life but since the 2012 Summer Olympics she has maintained the 1st position in every championship and games and as we discussed in the beginning, her parents are extremely proud of her. However, in 2015, her Facebook post indicated that she might be changing her career after Rio but nothing like that has happened till this date.

She also says that sexuality should not have an impact on performance or inclusion within the games. She says,

“I went into boxing and I’m bisexual and I still achieved and performed at the highest level and I came away with gold and made history so with that said, anything is possible”

Nicola is also the first openly LGBT person to win an Olympic boxing gold medal and was named the most influential LGBT person in Britain by The Independent in 2012.

Nicola Adams talks after she won a gold medal in 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Nicole Adam's Short Bio:

Nicola Adams was born on October 26, 1984, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. She attended and received her education Agnes Stewart Church of English High School. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Leeds in 2015.

 She has also been awarded for her outstanding service to boxing a Joe Bromley Award. Nicola also became the first female boxer to receive an award from the Boxing Writers’ Club of Great Britain. On May 27, 2016, Nicola became the first women to win a grand slam of boxing title in the history of boxing. Currently, Nicola has secured her place among the eight British qualifiers for Rio 2016 outpointing Norway's Marielle Hansen in Turkey.