Eden Sher Boyfriend, Engaged, Married, Net Worth

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American actress Eden Sher has been someone who has brought the spotlight over her with all that she has accomplished to date. Many people follow her life and adore her to a good extent. But those who also follow her life are wondering whether or not she has someone to call her love mate in her life. Does Sher have a boyfriend? Is she dating someone? Let us find out.
Eden Sher Boyfriend, Engaged, Married, Net Worth

American actress Eden Sher has been someone, who garnered spotlight with all that she accomplished to date. Many people follow her life and adore her to a reasonable extent.

And amid them, many follow her life wondering whether she has someone to call husband in her life nor not. Does Eden have a boyfriend? Is she dating someone? Let's find out.

Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend

As beautiful and talented as Eden is, there's no way that men wouldn't try to woo her. Comic writer Nick Cron-DeVico was one of those very men who successfully convinced the Middle alum into dating him.

After four years together, Eden and her boyfriend finally got engaged in March 2019.

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The former took Instagram to break the news of their engagement. The caption accompanying the series of the duo's photos together exclaimed:-

"It's been more than 4 years, we've been to 4 countries, lived in 2 houses, have 2 dogs, been REAL BORED in 12 airports, gotten fancy 100+ times, taken 58 photo booths, have collectively 1 Emmy, and now @nickcrondevico and I get to spend THE REST OF ETERNITY DOING MORE OF ALL OF IT. V EXCITING NEWS GUYS: WE ENGAGED AS FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!"

Nick followed suit. In his Instagram post, he professed an eagerness with the prospect of getting married and being the actress' husband.

Engaged duo Eden Sher and fiance Nick Cron-DeVico fooling around circa June 2019 (Photo:- Eden Sher's Instagram)

To those unfamiliar, Nick is a comedy writer who boasts writing credits on Adult Swim series Robot Chicken.

Dating & Boyfriend History

People always tend to have vulture eyes that peek through your private life as well, and the same is right about Eden. She has been on the mind of people for a long time regarding her love life. She is beautiful, bold, and talented, too, which makes her win many hearts around the globe.

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For years, Eden enjoyed her limelight as a single woman. It even prompted her to keep her mouth zipped when it comes to her dating life. 

At the same time, she didn't step out in front of the media with her boyfriend. Her reclusive nature kept fans and the general press on the edge of their seats, hoping for some revelation from her end.

It is interesting to note that The Middle actress hasn't always been this greedy when it came to opening about her boyfriends. Back in December 2010, she gushed about receiving kisses from her adorable girlfriend on her birthday on Twitter.

And again in August 2011, she took to Twitter to profess her desire of wanting a husband, who could double as her on-screen partner in a joking manner. The tweet read:-

"All I really want is someone to marry me so we can have a hilarious on-screen relationship that inside-jokingly parallels our real-life one."

In a separate tweet, Eden - who seldom answers the romantic to the romantic aspect of her life in interviews - pondered at her dating pattern. Rhetorically, she wondered if she has a fetish for left-handed boys.

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However, her greatest revelation came in the form of an Instagram post. Uploaded on 12th August 2013, the said post featured her, and her yet-to-be-identified boyfriend heading to the Teen Choice Awards.

Sitting next to her then-boyfriend, Eden Sher smiles for a selfie while on their way to 2013 Teen Choice Awards (Photo:- Eden Sher's Instagram)

After the split from the alleged boyfriend, Eden focused on her career, and her professional life might have been her primary focus by the looks of it. All that changed when she crossed paths with Nick.

Tattoo & Measurements; Net Worth Revealed

Not only does she have a pretty face and a skilled heart, but she also possesses an attractive body measurement that many would kill to have.

Standing at the proper height of five feet and two inches (1.57 m), Eden weighs in around 132 pounds and has an inverted triangle body type. Also, she has a tattoo on her back, which is not that crafty but surely holds some meaning in her life.

A unique tattoo on the back of Eden Sher (Photo Credit:

Eden Sher, who was born on 26 December 1991, in Los Angeles, California, USA, is an American actress best known for her work projects like "The Middle," "Veronica Mars," "Temps" and much more.

Per her interviews, acting is something that she had loved from a very young age of eight when she participated in school plays and drama.

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She has also done numerous commercials, including voice works and that shows her versatility in the industry. Her list of brand endorsements includes famous names such as Fruity Pebbles, Capital One Bank, and Walt Disney.

Eden is hardworking and dedicated, and her skills have paid her an attractive dividend, which is why she has been able to accumulate an estimated net worth of $2 million.

In a nutshell, we can say that she has got what it takes to succeed in the industry and hope we can educate people more on her life in the days ahead.