Mackenzie Davis Secret Boyfriend

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Mackenzie Davis Secret Boyfriend

Celebrities still have kept their personal lives private in this 21st Century. The Terminator actress Mackenzie Davis also falls into that category. Mackenzie has kept their private life totally hidden from the public eye. However, she has been spotted with the same man for several years, whom everyone refers to as her boyfriend.

Let's find out more about her partner.

Does Mackenzie Davis Have A Boyfriend?

It is a mystery to the world regarding Mackenzie’s partner. However, she is rumored to have a lover named Gus Thompson. The information about Gus Thompson varies according to the site. Some sites claim Thompson to be a model, whereas some refer to him as a baseball player. Unfortunately, we don't know what Thompson's profession is since we don't have solid evidence.

Davis has always been a reserved person. She never shares anything personal about herself on social media. Even though she has been linked to Gus Thompson as her boyfriend for years, she has yet to confirm or deny the relationship.

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The rumors about her having a boyfriend began to circulate when Mackenzie and Gus Thompson attended the opening night of Fortune Desperate in New York City in November 2015. After that, Mackenzie and Thompson were after that seen together at a number of functions and social events. However, their relationship is yet to be confirmed by both of them. 

Besides the rumors, Mackenzie did have a boyfriend in the past. In the interview, Mackenzie shared the role of Facebook in a relationship and shared an incident of a breakup with her ex.  

She said:

"Guys, totally look up your ex-boyfriends on Facebook." Adding, "I got off Facebook because of that. My boyfriend cheated on me, and I was like, 'I need to get off of this.'"

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She only revealed being in a relationship with a boyfriend without disclosing the name, so her lover remains a mystery to her fans. Also, she has carefully guarded her relationship with the public as the news of her beau has not surfaced in the media. 

Furthermore, she was also rumored to be gay because of her role in Happiest Season.

Is Mackenzie Davis Gay?

People assumed Mackenzie was gay because of her roles in Terminator and Happiest Season. She portrayed Kristen Stewart’s wife in Happiest Season. Their on-screen chemistry was so strong that everyone believed Mackenzie and Kristen to be in a relationship. However, Kristen Stewart is currently dating screenwriter and actress Dylan Meyer. Kristen’s partner often posts pictures of the two of them together on social media.

Mackenzie With Kristen Stewart

Mackenzie with Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season. (Source: Instagram)

Mackenzie has admitted to having a boyfriend in the past, and currently, she is seen mostly with Gus Thompson leading us to conclude her sexual orientation is straight. 

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Mackenzie Davis's romantic relationship is still a secret, and her devoted followers hope that the man in her life will be revealed in public soon. 

She has been honest about her professional life, despite not being open about her relationships. Let’s find out more about her career. 

Mackenzie Davis’s Career

It is not a secret that Mackenzie Davis stands at the top of the pile when it comes to acting. Her glorious career revolves around her prolific acting skills and roles that she imitates on screen. 

As of 2019, she was cast in the latest project of the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate. The critically acclaimed movie was a much-awaited one, yet it fell short of expectations in terms of quality. Also, it was labeled as the gayest Terminator movie until now.

However, that does not stop the Terminator actress from landing roles in different movie projects. She has been part of a number of movies after Terminator. However, she is presently starring in Station Eleven. Her remarkable achievement is paving the way for her future success.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on Mackenzie Davis.