Matthew Dowd Married, Wife, Gay, Net Worth

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It is tough to know when you are doing the right thing. Is love right among people vowed to other? This question can be looked at from two perspectives and debating is hard. For the Political consultant and strategist, Mathew Dowd a similar problem arose in a life that was filled with other many such horrid difficulties.
Matthew Dowd Married, Wife, Gay, Net Worth

Quick Information

  • Girlfriend Maria Shriver (2013- Present)
  • Siblings 10
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Salt & Pepper
  • Hair Half-bald
  • College Cardinal Newman College
  • Dating/Affair Maria Shriver (2013- Present)
  • Gay No
  • Ex-Wife Tammy Edgerly (Divorced), Nicole Baines (Divorced)
  • Date of Birth May 29, 1961
  • Age 62 Years, 10 Months
  • Divorce/Split Yes (Twice)
  • Relationship Status Dating
  • Children/Kids 4
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Religion Christianity
  • Profession Political Consultant
  • Nationality American

When a person is finding a partner to share his/her life, then it's obvious to have some bitter experiences and failed relationship. Does a person's ability to have a committed and the failed relationship of the past determines healthy relationship? Is it fair to be judged by their previous relationships?

Sharing a similar story is Matthew Down, who had a bitter experience of two failed married life ending in divorce. And, everyone remembers the scandalous divorce between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Read along to learn about their controversial romance!

Dating Maria Shriver: Who Did What With Whom?

Matthew Down had one of a tragic back story which people have heard about due to the controversial affair with Maria Shriver.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Maria Shriver got pictured with her ex-husband’s former political strategist, Dowd. Later, the public learned that the duo was having an affair a long time before the divorce.

She had divorced her actor/politician ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger after he publicly claimed in May 2011, that he had had an affair with his maid and was now supporting her son.

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A source revealed to Radar Online that they were having an affair a long time before this came up. Schwarzenegger had made the revelations in 2011, and the source remembered Dowd and Shriver meeting in a hotel in 2007, but the affair had been going on long before then.

The said information changed the people's thoughts on the matter from how they reacted before.

Draws Sympathy For Married Life; Divorce From Second Wife Is Tragic

After the news got public, it was likely for people to have a lousy mentality towards Dowd. But in reality, many people look at things one-sided and missed the fact that Dowd getting divorced twice was not the reason to believe that he was not a commitment material but that he too could have been a victim.

The divorce has taken the same effects on Dowd. If he could still find somebody after such heartbreaks, then he may deserve it as well because that’s not all the sorrows in his life.

He has been married twice with four children in total, three from his first and one from his second marriage. However, he was supposed to have twins during his second marriage, but one died during their premature evacuation. The trauma caused his second marriage to crumble causing differences between him and his ex-wife, Nikki.

History With Girlfriend Maria Shriver

Years after living in recluse, in November 2013, the lovebirds gave their relationship a boost by attending Robert Kennedy Jr. and actress Cheryl Hines’ wedding as an item. It was at the very event that he got introduced to his girlfriend's family.

Matthew Dowd and his girlfriend, Maria Shriver at Robert Kennedy Jr. and actress Cheryl Hines’ wedding in November 2013 (Photo:-

More public appearances would follow.

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A happy couple of Down and Shriver got spotted during a leisure walk on 25 May 2016, in the Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles. The duo color coordinated their sportswear and enjoying their romantic moments with each other.

Matthew Dowd was seen together with Maria Shriver on 25 May 2016, in the Brentwood neighborhood, Los Angeles (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

He currently resides alone in a ranch in Texas, just outside a rural city. He is living off the rest of his life with the support of his beliefs in his religion from all his past sorrows and loss.

Staunch Gay Rights Activist's Net Worth Revealed

Matthew Down is a renowned political strategist and an advisor, who was the chief strategist for Schwarzenegger's campaign.

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Before his campaign work with Arnold, Matthew worked as Chief Strategist for the 2004 Bush-Cheney re-election campaign. Later, the relationship between him and Bush turned sour after the Bush Administration's blatant mistreatment of the gay community.

Believe it or not, Matthew was a democrat but, joined the Republican party in 2018. Using his experience in the political realm, he has authored numerous best sellers including Applebee’s America: Hоw Successful Political, Business аnd Religious Leaders Connect with thе Nеw American Community.

With the help of his book deals and public-speaking gigs, Matthew has managed to amass a formidable multi-million net worth. In contrast, his girlfriend boasts a net worth of $100 million.