Actor Veno Miller: Still Not Dating Till Age Of 25, Searching For Perfect Girlfriend?

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The 25-year-old model has had many girls hanging about him in the design industry. Perhaps like a child in a candy store, he does not know how or who to choose as a girlfriend. He has, however, showed some indication on a particular “candy“  so to speak, and posting about it on social media. But keeping it casual as possible with no strings attached.
Actor Veno Miller: Still Not Dating Till Age Of 25, Searching For Perfect Girlfriend?

Born and raised among the parents in the spotlight, Veno Miller, son of Master P., grabbed some attention towards himself as well. Known for his role in television series Victorious, Veno prefers his life away from the limelight. 

Veno Miller has been a bachelor his whole life and keeps his personal life as tight as possible that the rumors are not yielding any girlfriends but despite that, his tour around fashion models could also mean he could be dipping his feet in men’s bubble bath.

There have been rumors of him dating but like any other celebrity rumor, it could all just be a hoax. 

Just Another Model Or Girlfriend In The Making? Love Life In Secrecy

Both Veno and Elis Madison Leiker are not classical lovebirds in the making but indicate a modern love for one another. Being in the model industry, Veno is regularly working with gorgeous models on a daily basis, though there is no closure on how they met, the two have managed to find each other. The couple is dating, but both are not being cliché about it. 

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Elis Madison Leiker who poses no information about personal life besides uploading a ton of selfies of her partying with and without Veno. The two have not made it official nor have they made plans to break it through the media. Regardless of their constant photos together have made it through some headlines.

However, the photos seem to now have disappeared from social media. Veno and rumored girlfriend do not share pictures together anymore on Instagram. Despite their pictures together led to speculation of them dating, the disappearance of the pictures could mean that the couple might have now parted ways.

Adding to it, Veno has his Instagram account changed to private so as to avoid the spotlight. Seems like he prefers to keep his personal life a secret. However, in the display picture of his Instagram profile, Veno poses with a girl beside him. Even though they look cute together, there is no any solid basis to call them a couple.

Who Are The Millers?

The parents of Veno Miller are big celebrities even back in the days. The father, Percy Robert Miller a.k.a Master P, an entrepreneur, songwriter, actor, author, and philanthropist has a whopping $200 million net worth.

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Veno has a large group of family members with eight siblings, the oldest brother following the footsteps of their father, known by many as Lil Romeo or Romeo, who has a net worth of $5 million, and the mother of all; Sonya C divorced Master P in 2013.

Veno Miller with his family. (Photo:

Veno, who stands at tall height, is also known for his acting in Sunday School Musical as Hawthorne Choir Member in 2008, and as a side character in Internet Dating also in 2008. The reality TV show, “Master P’s family empire,” the actor has fallen back behind on his family legacy in pursuit of modeling.

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His father accepting his lifestyle has left his son to dream. He has made music and music videos in the beginning back in 2009 and releasing a song such as “Beautiful Girl,” before pursuing the modeling industry.