Ashton Sanders, Gay Character Bond Revealed Amid Success Height

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Ashton Sanders, Gay Character Bond Revealed Amid Success Height

American actor Ashton Sanders got overnight success playing a 16-year-old gay teenager Chiron in the 2016 Academy Award-winning movie, Moonlight. His character Chiron has profoundly impacted his real life as Ashton has many resemblances to his onscreen persona. 

Further, his dating life has always been a topic of gossip, with some even suspecting his sexuality. Know about the bond Ashton shares with his onscreen character and the details of his personal life.

Ashton Sanders's Dating Life

It may be a strange coincidence that Ashton's famous portrayal of Chiron, a 16-year-old boy struggling with his gay sexuality in Moonlight, talks so much of his real life.   

Although he has not revealed if he is gay or straight in real life, there are many resemblances between his onscreen character and his life outside the camera.

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For instance, like Chiron, Ashton was also bullied as a kid.

Ashton, who had a crack-addicted mother in the movie, also endured the drug addiction problem of his biological mother. However, he never had to go through the addiction as he was rescued by Amazing Grace Conservatory, a welfare program for black kids, at 12.

Ashton Sanders's gay character

Ashton portrays 16-year-old  gay Chiron in Moonlight (Photo:

In Moonlight, Ashton's character Chiron starts having more problems with his sexuality once he reaches high school and his feelings for his childhood crush-best friend resurfaces. But, again, his character showed the struggle of finding out him being gay. 

Chiron further develops a special bond (not sexual) with a Cuban drug dealer, Juan (played by Mahershala Ali), who is a fatherly figure to him. Marshall has a recorded net worth of $8 Million and is married to their wife, Amatus Sami-Karim.

However, unlike Mahershala Ali, the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar, Ashton has never been linked to dating and has never mentioned having a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a wife, confusing his fans about his sexuality. 

Moreover, Ashton revealed in a 2017 interview with Teen Vogue that not everyone was free to surpass the boundary restricted by society, possibly hinting that some people were still hiding in the closet.

Could Ashton be one of those guys struggling to make their sexuality public? His absent dating life hints toward the direction, but the truth is yet to be known.

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And even though Ashton's kiss to his co-star Jharrel Jerome got nominated for the MTV Awards, no romantic link has been established between the co-actors until now.

However, it appears that Ashton is currently dating a woman. Ashton is dating a girl named Kvmvni, according to an online source.

However, he has remained tight-lipped about his girlfriend's personal life and makes every effort to keep his dating life out of the public eye.

His fans were delighted to learn of his girlfriend, but many believe he only dates someone to avoid gay rumors.

Regardless, we won't know if he's gay or straight until Ashton clears all suspicions.

Ashton Sanders's Career 

Ashton, who played one of the lead roles in the Oscar-award-winning movie Moonlight, was born in Inglewood, Los Angeles.

He was raised by his father, who worked as a fashion designer, whereas his mother was a junkie who was mostly estranged from her son. 

Ashton, who stands at 6' (1.83 m), describes his father as his manager and is close to him. Moreover, his dad was the one who enrolled him in acting school, which shaped Ashton's career as an actor.

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Ashton is now enjoying a successful acting career and has performed in several movies, including The RetrievalStraight Outta Compton, and The Equalizer 2, and is set to be in an upcoming film Captive State.

From his high-end career, he colored his career full of awards comprising the Gotham Special Jury Award for Ensemble Performance (2016), Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award (2017), and MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (2017). 

The exact amount of his net worth is also not disclosed; however, as Ashton has played in some successful movies in the past years, he has possibly garnered a seven-figure net worth.

Stay tuned to get more updates on Ashton Sanders.