Carol Channing Is Still Alive? No Way She Can Have Another Spouse Today!

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Carol Channing Is Still Alive! She Only Hit the Age Where There's Possibly No Room For A Spouse. There has already been a lot of death hoax around the internet and the media, and adding to that list is veteran actress Carol Channing, an American actress of age 96. The actress is moving towards making a century and people out there make all kind of hoax.  
Carol Channing Is Still Alive? No Way She Can Have Another Spouse Today!

The internet, as knowledge packed as it is today, it can also be a nasty place when used for the wrong purpose. For example, some people spread death hoaxes of celebrities time and again. Now, it’s not sure what people get from creating such rumors about someone, but it is a nasty thing to do anyway.

There has already been a lot of death hoax around the internet and the media, and American actress Carol Channing was also supposed to be tangled in the same case. But, turns out the hoaxes for her are true. She passed away at the age of 97. She was moving towards making a century, and before her timely death, people were out there make all kind of hoaxes about this aspiring lady.

No Longer Still Alive!

 To Hollywood's dismay, Carol's publicist confirmed that she had died at the age of 97.

Talking to CNN, publicist Harlan Boll revealed that the legendary Broadway star passed away on 15th January 2019. She, however, didn't delve into the subject of what might have caused it.

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Following the report, a slew of actors and celebrities paid their tribute to the Tony Award-winning actress. The likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Gad, Sandra Bernhard, and George Takei all paid tribute to the deceased Hello Dolly Star. The present touring crew for Hello Dolly did the same by releasing a statement. It read:-

"We are deeply saddened by the passing of the one and only Carol Channing. She was a 'Dolly' for the ages, and a true icon of the American Theater. Betty Buckley and the cast will dedicate tonight's performance in San Diego to her memory."

Before her death, Carol Channing faced something that a lot of well-known personalities have witnessed about themselves: the death hoax. Something similar to the case of Don Francisco and Linda Lavin, who both had their share of death hoaxes.

The fact that Carol was still alive for so long had proved a soothing effect to many of her fans; the entertainment industry would feel a great shock if the actress had died anytime sooner.

She graced the TV screen till 2006, making guest appearances and also received the Golden Palm Star Award in 2010.

Since the actress was not seen in public often, the rumors arose of her death, but it was only reasonable for someone to stay at home, usually a person her age. There had been no news about her health whatsoever, which led people to conclude that the actress was alive and kicking till the date.

No Room For Spouse!

It seems that Carol had her fill from her personal life. The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ actress has had four spouses in total. Her first husband was a writer by the name Theodore Nadish, with whom she got married in 1941. The couple eventually divorced after five years of married life.

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Her second marriage was with Alexander Carson(1949-1956), an athlete who played center for the Ottawa Rough Riders Canadian football. The couple eventually got divorced, however, during their time as spouses, the couple became parents to a son, Channing Carson in 1953.

Later in 1956, Channing moved on and got married to her manager cum publicist, Charles Lowe. The couple did not parent any children together, other than Carol's son Channing, who took the name of Charles after being adopted and became known as Channing Lowe.

Carol Channing with husband Charles Lowe (Picture Credit:

However, Channing filed divorce from her husband of 43 years, but sadly, Charles passed away in 1999, before the divorce got finalized.

Channing was in her late 70s when Lowe passed away. However, her age did not stop the actress from finding love again. In 2003, Channing got married still, and this time, it was her junior high school beau, Harry Kullijian. The couple remained married until Harry's death parted them in 2011.

Carol Channing with husband, Harry Kullijian (Photo Credit: gettyimages)

Her fourth marriage came to an end when she was at the age of 90. At that age, many people do not consider getting remarried; at least not for the fifth time.

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Carol Channing was born to parents George Channing and Adelaide Glaser on January 31, 1921, in Seattle. She shared African roots, which she came to know at the young age of 16. However, she later in the days revealed that it did not bother her that her paternal grandmother was black.

To those unfamiliar with Carol's lineage, her father was a light-skinned black man. She chronicled her struggles as a young mixed race woman whose mother would warn her about black babies she might have in her memoir Just Lucky I Guess. In it, she also recounts her father's mannerisms inside as well as outside their household. 

Carol played roles in projects like The Carol Channing Show, The Love Boat, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and is also a four-time Tony Award Winner.