Is Actress Celia Imrie Ready To Settle Down?

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Is Actress Celia Imrie Ready To Settle Down?

At 69, actress Celia Imrie still has a quirky smile, beaming eyes, and a witty tongue enough for men to go down on her knees. Even at this point, she looks and moves in a stylish avatar, but will you believe us if we tell you that she is not married yet. 

Because she has not married anyone yet, she is suspected to be a lesbian. 

So let’s find out about her sexuality. 

Is Celia Imrie Lesbian?

We all know Celia has not gotten married till this age, which sparked the rumors of her being a lesbian. But in reality, she is not a lesbian. 

Even though she is uninterested in the bond of marriage, she has a son name Angus with her friend Benjamin Whitrow. Before taking the crucial step, she made Ben clear about her desire and clearly showed her uninterest in getting married.

Celia Imrie's Son

Celia with her son. (Source: Instagram)

In 1993, at the age of 41, she became pregnant and on 2nd August 1994, Celia gave birth to a baby boy. The actress has expressed her glee, how her son had changed her life, and her thinking pattern about people.

She has a different mindset about marriage making everyone suspicious about her having difficulties coming out as a lesbian. However, Celia having a son proves that she is not a lesbian. 

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Her son has already made a debut in the Hollywood movie at the early age of five. 

She may still have the same rigidness and conscience about getting married, making everyone confused about being lesbian or gay. 

Celia Imrie's Thoughts On Getting Married

Celia claimed her to be a marriage freak. She thinks that marriage to one person would cast her with boredom. However, in the same interview published by Dailymail in 2015, she said:

'If I got married, Mums,' I said, 'it would just be me and my husband in a house on our own, and what on earth would we talk about?

This is really something that would make every people roll down on a floor and give a loud laugh. 

From an early age, the lady was not interested in marriage and had a strong desire to live life on her terms. So, from a young age, she began eyeing becoming an actress.

However, Celia's decision not to get married resulted in her getting involved in lesbian rumors.

The actress is still unmarried. Celia has a difficult and conflicting concept about marriage, which makes her go against the idea of marriage. In an interview with Dailymail on 11th April 2011, she said:

“Whenever I might put the phone down I can imagine the irritatingly nosey 'other half' would ask me oh-so-casually: 'Who was that on the phone, darling?' And I know I would feel like replying: 'Mind your own business, darling”.

She added,

“Perhaps I would come in late after dinner with friends to 'Look at the time! Where on earth have you been?' My temptation would be to turn round and go out again, this time to a nightclub to dance till dawn. No. That world of cover-up and compromise is not for me.”

So, the lady is not married and enjoying her single life by going night out with her girlfriends and partners. Instead, she speaks mighty of her women and her singlehood and living it in full swing. 

She has mentioned her work to be her first love, so the lady, due to her high ambition doesn't want to share her love between the two and make one of them jealous of it.

Regardless her decision not to get married did not affect anything on her work. 

Celia Imrie’s Career

Celia Diana Savile Imrie was born on 15 July 1952 in England. She attended Guildford High School and later joined Guildford School of Acting.

She came to the limelight after giving an appearance with Victoria Wood in  Pat and Margaret (1994). Since then she has appeared in lots of movies, theater, and television series. 

Just like her funky looks, the lady had the same behavior as her childhood. However, her attitude to moving on despite suffering from anorexia at 14 made her stand as an actress today.

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However, she still holds a grudge for eating too many foods during her teenage which refrained her from being a belly dancer. In an interview posted by Dailymail on 15th February 2015, she said;

‘I wasted years of my life being obsessed with food; that’s my biggest regret. I wanted to be a ballet dancer and I was told I was going to be too big, so I stopped eating and not only wasted precious years but put my mother and family through such worry,’

However, in 1992, she won The Clarence Derwent Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Sea in the year 1996; she won  The Laurence Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in Acorn Antiques: The Musical.

She has worked on notable projects like Absolute Fabulous: The Movie, Bridget Jones Movie, and King Lear.

Apart from having a career as an actress, she is also an author. Celia has about seven books of her own. 

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She has been part of an acting and writing career, making her net worth millions. She has not revealed her salary details, but looking at her work, we can safely assume her to have a net worth of millions.

Whereas at this age, too, she is having fun with her friend yet has no plan to be involved in marriage. But you never know when she may find the right partner and be willing to take the step of marriage.

Stay tuned with us to get more updates on Celia Imrie.