Craig Conover Almost Got Engaged With Girlfriend At A Charming Age! What Went Wrong?

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Craig Conover Almost Got Engaged With Girlfriend At A Charming Age! What Went Wrong? Every relationship goes through a test which is the deciding factor of the future of the relationship. Some relationship emerger even stronger after the test while some ended up with a separation. With the thought, we would like to introduce a couple, Craig Conver who almost got engaged to the love of life, Naomie Olindo. But why didn't they get engaged?
Craig Conover Almost Got Engaged With Girlfriend At A Charming Age! What Went Wrong?

Every relationship goes through a test that serves as the deciding factor of their relationship's future. Some relations emerge even stronger after the trial, while some end up with a separation.

Today, we have a celebrity couple who unfortunately failed the test, and they are none other than the famous pair Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo.

Craig was leading a blissful dating affair with his girlfriend Naomie, but their relationship ended just when everyone thought they were going to get engaged. But what went wrong at the instant? Let's take a closer look on the matter to find out!

Almost Got Engaged To Girlfriend; Spilt Before Walking Aisle

Craig and his girlfriend Naomie first met at their college; Craig was a senior while Naomie was a freshman at that time. After their graduation, they reconnected at a fashion week called Charleston Fashion Week and began dating each other in 2015.

While dating, Craig and Naiome traveled to different places, including London, Monaco, and Thailand. Their pictures even served as some serious couple goals to many.

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The relationship of Craig and Naomie was heading strong, and the thought of proposing Naomie and getting engaged had even crossed Craig's mind.

In one of the episodes of Southern Charms, Craig bought a pre-engagement ring for Naiome and shared when he would propose her, back in April 2016.

"I would say no longer than two years from now,"

Moreover, Craig revealed that he is pretty serious about getting engaged to Naomie and would even start saving for the engagement ring.

"I'd say that in a year from now is when I'll probably be getting pretty serious and shopping around for rings and saving up. I guess I started saving up a little bit."

Craig started planning for the big day of the proposal, and as Naomie is from France, Craig started to learn French, so that he could ask her father to give her hand for marriage, in her native language.

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Moreover, Craig talked with Naomie regarding the proposal in the glacier, but the proposal would not have the element of surprise. He shared the same back in April 2016 when he said,

"I hate it now because it's such a unique thing that now I'm gonna have a really hard time surprising her. If we go to a glacier, it's probably pretty obvious."

Craig had even started to think about growing the family with kids. However, Naomie initially didn't want children, but with his influence, she was baby-obsessed. Craig expressed the scenario as,

 "I've always wanted kids. I love kids. And it's funny because Naomie hated children. She never dreamt of having a kid because she had never dated someone that she was actually passionate about, so the thought of bringing children into the world with them was awful. Now she's baby-obsessed, and she loves kids now. She says she sees Little Me's running around." 

Craig and Naomie planned to expand the family with kids and have four children. They even decided upon the name of their children; Penelope, Dash, Exit and Seven.

Craig and Naomie's planning of the future together gave a picture that the duo would be living happily ever after. 

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However, Craig and Naomie's relationship couldn't survive, and eventually, they parted ways leaving behind the beautiful dreams they once shared.

Craig and Naomie's break-up came to light after Naomie responded to a fan's curiosity when asked about her relationship with Craig, via Instagram.

Naomie with new boyfriend Wilson (Photo: Naomi Olindo's Instagram)

Although Naomie and Craig have parted ways, she stated that they still remain great friends.

Craig Conover's ex-girlfriend, Naiome Olindo revealed their break-up (Photo: Naomie Olindo's Instagram)

Though the reason for them parting ways hasn't come forth, their break-up was heartbreaking for both of their fans; nobody saw that coming.

Best Wishes For Ex-girlfriend's New Dating Life; Dating Lara Larisa

While his ex-girlfriend marched to the new relationship, he wishes the best for his girlfriend's new dating life.

He talked to PEOPLE in May 2018 about his ex-girlfriend's relationship claiming:

“Her making it official was weird, but they had been together for a while,

He further added that Naomie always desired to be with someone with a very structured real- job. While he is alright from his ex-girlfriend moving too soon, he wants her to be happy. Also, he claimed that he would not enjoy if Naomie interferes on his business anymore. 

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Shifting lights from Craigs's unfortunate relationship's downfall, he has not been spared from the swirling rumors. Craig once was rumored to be a gay man, but his past relationship with his former girlfriend helped fend those rumors. 

After his three years dating life ended, he is not rushing to the new relationship. He claims that he has many crushes but at the moment he wants to travel, meet new people and prefers to keep his personal life very private.

But after just after a month, he claimed he is not ready to march to another dating life, he was spotted sharing the romance with Lara Larisa. He Instagrammed the picture with the beautiful brunette as they visited Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in New York.

Craig Conover with new girlfriend Lara Larisa (Photo: Craig Conover's Instagram)

The Southern Charm star, Craig, who celebrates his birthday every year on February 9, has reached the age of 28. Craig went to the College of Charleston and graduated with a degree in Finance, and later completed his convocation from the Charleston School of Law. He has even won National Championship in business competition during his high school days.

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Craig is best known as a reality star from Bravo's hit television series, Southern Charm and has attained a considerable height of success in his careers. He is currently working as a law clerk in Aki Anastopoulo Law Firm, Charleston. Talking about his current finances, Craig has accumulated a net worth of $ 200 thousand.