Ed Helms Secretly Dating? A Gay Or Has A Girlfriend?

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Ed Helms Secretly Dating? A Gay Or Has A Girlfriend?

Quick Information

  • Sister/s Susan Carol Helms Daley
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Color Black
  • Weight N/A
  • Gay No
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Height/ How Tall? 5' 11" (1.82 m)
  • Education Oberlin College
  • Career 2002–present
  • Net Worth $20 Million
  • Date of Birth Jan 24, 1974
  • Age 50 Years, 4 Months
  • Brother/s John Paxton Helms
  • Mother Pamela Parker
  • Father John Helms
  • Ethnicity/Race Mixed
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Birth Name Edward Parker Helms
  • Profession Actress
  • Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nationality American

Everyone knows Andy Bernard from The Office, the character who is clueless and often obnoxious but never malicious. Ed Helms brought the character to life perfectly. However, Ed Helms does not believe he is like Andy, despite the fact that he did an excellent job portraying Andy.

Ed Helms is well-known in the entertainment industry, which brings with it lots of new rumors. Because of his personal privacy, he was the subject of several gay rumors. Let's take a closer look at his rumors.

Is Ed Helms Gay?

After supporting gay rights and the LGBT community, Ed Helmes became involved in a gay scandal. The rumors started to spread when he tweeted about Chick-fil-political A's support for anti-gay groups and opposition to same-sex marriage. Following his post, the company released a statement claiming that it did not discriminate against LGBT people. However, Chick-fil-A was later charged guilty of supporting anti-gay groups. 

Ed Helms Tweet Supporting LGBT Community

Ed Helms tweeted about boycotting Chick-Fil-A. (Source: Twitter)

When it came to advocating for LGBT people, Helms was not alone. Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Jane Lynch, Deepal Chopra, and the Kardashian sisters all stepped out in support of LGBT rights and called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A.

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After supporting the LGBTQA+ community, he was questioned about his sexuality. He has always been someone who prefers to avoid the spotlight and keep things as low-key as possible. But the silence he has kept regarding his dating life has prompted people to speculate him being gay. 

But, all the speculation about him being a queer was proved false when he admitted to having a wife. 

Who Is Ed Helms's Wife?

Ed Helms has always remained discreet when it comes to his love life. Even though he has been seen in many films and on television, he is actually a very private person. Despite the fact that he has been the subject of numerous rumors, he has never responded to them. He doesn’t mention much about his personal life; however, he admitted that he has a wife and a daughter. 

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Helms talks about his spouse and family for a little bit. He shares how his family enjoyed traveling and going camping for a vacation. He also mentions how his spouse reacted to his rumors about having an affair with actress Demi Moore. He shares this funny story which happened when he was away on vacation with his family. When he had family time, he got a call from his publicist, who informed him about the rumor. Before he could say anything to his spouse, she said, “Demi Moore, high five!” 

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Helms and his wife laughed about the rumors and seemed very happily married. Likewise, in the interview with The Ellen Show, Helms talks about the battle for reducing his daughter’s time in front of the television. 

Helms shares his experience of going on his recent road trip with his partner and daughter. He claims that he and his spouse do not allow their daughter to watch a lot of TV. However, the travel was about 14 hours car ride, for which they gave their daughter an iPad. When his daughter got the iPad, it was the greatest thing for her in the world. 

Even though they don’t allow their daughter to be in gadgets a lot of time in her normal life, they had to give her an iPad because of the long drive. After finishing their ride, it was really hard for them to take that iPad away from her, and they called it a brutal battle to readjust a child to no TV. Finally, however, they had a smooth trip with the help of the iPad.

Although Helms has shared his moments with his family, he has never revealed his wife and daughter’s name. When asked about his daughter’s name, he hilariously claimed that his daughter was named after his grandmother. He still has not shared his family’s pictures or names with the public. 

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Besides that, Helms still is focused on building his career and has a net worth of $25 million. Recently, he has been into writing and producing movies, but still, there is no information about his family. 

We will surely update more on Ed Helms; till then, stay tuned with us.