Is Fionn Whitehead Gay? The Actor Who Keeps His Age, Sexuality, Possible Dating Affairs And Girlfriends At Bay

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Is Fionn Whitehead Gay? The Actor Who Keeps His Age, Sexuality, Possible Dating Affairs And Girlfriends At Bay

Life is unpredictable, and you don’t know how a turn in the life can change it forever.

Well, for actor Fionn Whitehead, his debut performance in the critically acclaimed movie Dunkirk was that turning point in his life, which gave him the much-awaited recognition every actor dreams. However, his rising popularity is associated with rumors as well, that too regarding his sexuality.

But does the story holds any truth? Let’s find out, along with his other personal details like his age, dating affair, girlfriends, and much more.

Is Fionn Whitehead Gay?

An actor portrays different characters onscreen, so when the actor keeps his personal life concealed; at times his onscreen roles is mistaken as his personality off-screen too.

Upcoming actor Fionn Whitehead is part of a new television series Queers, and the series depicts the monologues from the perspective of gay men and women, commemorating the occasion of 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act.

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Caption: Fionn Whitehead’s monologue from Queers- A Grand Day Out (Video Published on August 2, 2017)

Fionn's involvement in the series and his low-key nature initiated a rumor regarding his sexuality; many people speculated him to be on the gay side. But can Fionn be considered to be gay just for being associated with the project which gives an insight into a gay experience?

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Well, maybe not but Fionn's bromance with his co-star of Dunkirk can certainly raise doubts about the actor's sexuality. In the 2017 movie, Fionn who plays Tommy is paired up with Harry Style's Alex.

The pair shares good chemistry onscreen and their friendship beyond the camera is also much appreciated. During an interview with The Project, both Fionn and Harry attended the interview and their bromance hinted that the pair could be more than just friends. During the interview, the pair could be seen holding hands.

Fionna and Harry Styles hold hands in a 2017 interview with The Project (Photo:

Harry's statement that everyone is a little gay has further increased the suspicions about the two's friendship. However, as neither Tommy nor Harry has revealed anything about their gossiped affair, it may be unwise to say that the pair might be dating. 

Is Fionn Whitehead Dating A Girlfriend?

Looking back at the records, Fionn Whitehead seems to be single; as neither his dating affair with a girl has created headlines, nor has he been spotted with someone who could be conjectured as his girlfriend.

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Now, for a guy like Fionn, who has good looks, charm and the height of 5 feet and 9 inches, there must be immense numbers of ladies drooling over him. But, his silence on the matter hints he remains single, probably in a wait for the right girlfriend.

More About Actor Fionn Whitehead: Family And Career

Fionn Whitehead, who ages 21, was born in 1997 and celebrates his birthday every year on July 18. He is the son of Linda and Tim Whitehead. Fionn was raised in Richmond, Surrey of England with his siblings, two sisters Hattie and Maisie, and a brother, Sonny.

Fionn hails from an artistic family; his father Tim is an acclaimed British jazz musician although he holds a degree in law from the Manchester University. Fionn’s sister Maisie is a dancer and an Aerialist-Yoga enthusiast, while his another sister, Hattie is a folk artist and has released a folk album as well.

At school, he was bitten by the acting bug, and he joined the Orange Tree Theater when he was just 13. Later, he attended Orleans Park School, and after completing the school, he went to Richmond College and got enrolled for the summer course in the National Youth Theater.

As a struggling actor, Fionn worked at a coffee shop in Waterloo, London during 2015, but who knew his life would be taking an unexpected turn.

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Tim later auditioned for the movie Dunkirk; one day at home, he got a call from one of his agents to say that he has bagged the role of the main protagonist. Tim reportedly screamed out of happiness upon hearing the news.

Tim expressed his feeling on the first day of Dunkirk as,

"It's been pretty surreal, to be honest. I don't think it really sunk in until Chris was there, on the first day, on the beach, with Spitfires flying overhead and real warships."

Tim is riding high on the success of Dunkirk along with his other acting credits, which include Queers, TV mini-series called Him and The Children Act. Moreover, the actor's new movie Caravan is yet to put a mark on the hearts of his audiences.

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