Frankie Beverly Married Life With His Wife

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Frankie Beverly Married Life With His Wife

Lead singer and front runner for the R&B band Maze, Frankie Beverly established himself as a musical legend between the late 1970s and early 1990s. Even though he is the singer of the 90s, his fan base is still active to date. 

With his huge fan base comes never-ending questions about his dating life. Is he married to his girlfriend, or has he found someone as his wife? Keep scrolling for the answers. 

Is Frankie Beverly Married Long-time Girlfriend?

Frankie is not married but has maintained a relationship with his girlfriend, which has lasted longer than some marriages. 

The rockstar has been dating Channel 4 News anchor Pam Moore since 1986. The romance between the couple has lasted for more than 30 years now, and the bond between the two is still going on strong. 

Grankie Beverly with his wife and friend

Frankie with girlfriend Pam Moore and Donnie Simpson at a Maze concert in 2017 (Photo: Donnie Simpson's Facebook)

Despite their long relationship, the duo has not gotten married and has no children together; however, Frankie has a kid from one of his past relationships.

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Frankie has dated many big names in the industry. He has dated Anita Baker and Toni Braxton and even had an illicit affair with singer Marvin Gaye's wife, Janis Gaye. But he is still a loving father to his son Anthony Beverly, who was born to one of his unknown girlfriends.

Anthony followed in his father's footsteps and became a drummer and often touring around with his dad's band. However, he has also made his father proud by having a loving family and not walking the path of a typical rockstar.

Frankie Beverly's family

Frankie with his son and grandchildren. (Source: Instagram)

Anthony is married to his wife, Heather, and they have three lovely children from their happy marriage. Well, maybe Frankie should look at his son's prosperous life and get married before it's too late.

Even though Frankie has not married his long-time girlfriend, Pam, she continues to perform all of the responsibilities of a wife and has always been there for him through thick and thin. She has been taking care of Frankie ever since they got together. She is a partner every man wants in his life.

Frankie Beverly’s Health

Frankie, age 75, is still in good health. However, he was rumored to have throat cancer in the past. All his fans were genuinely concerned about his health and showed him, love. But the information about him getting hospitalized was all false. 

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According to iloveoldschoolmusic, Frankie was never diagnosed with cancer. However, Frankie’s cat of 22 years old was the one with bladder cancer. He shared the news of the possibility of his cat’s death and its illness.

Frankie Berverly's Health

Frankie assures his fan about his health. (Source: iloveoldschoolmusic)

After the incident, Frankie and his son issued a statement stating that Frankie was fine and would continue his tour.

More On Frankie Beverly

Frankie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 6, 1946. He has always had a passion for music and began performing gospel music in a local church as a schoolboy.

He started his musical career as a teenager who played for the band "The Blenders." After some time, he left the band and formed his band, "The Butlers," where he served for eight years. He later disbanded the band and joined Maze, where he is still an active member.

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Frankie has not given up on music despite his old age. Acclaimed worldwide for his talents, Frankie is considered one of the founders of the R&B genre. 

Standing at the height of five feet and five inches, Frankie has not only made a fan base but has also been rewarded with a significant amount of money for his contributions. With his contribution to the music industry, he proclaims a net worth of $4 million. 

As of now, Frankie is still busy with his tour. However, we hope the R&B rockstar always stays happy and in good health. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Frankie Beverly.