All about Horatio Sanz Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity & More

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All about Horatio Sanz Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity & More

Horatio Sanz, known for his contribution to the comedy world became a household name after his debut in the famous comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1998. Moreover, the comedian made history by becoming the first Latino cast member in the show. This event became a significant moment in helping to enrich cultural diversity in the showbiz and representation of Latino characters.

While Horatio was still struggling, he found a person who supported and stood beside him, who he now calls his wife. 

Now, the performer has become well known for breaking character alongside cast members like Jimmy Fallon. Likewise, in 2009, he was nominated in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series at the ALMA Award for his performance in the show, In the Motherhood.  

He has established a very big name in the stand-up comedy industry. So, who exactly is Sanz's wife standing through it all right beside him, you may ask? 

Horatio Sanz's Wife

The 52-year-old comedian is married to Jenn Schatz, his long-term girlfriend who is also a writer and an actress. 

Horatio and his wife, Jenn, met during a movie production and later married in 2015. They had a private wedding ceremony that included their family and close friends. 

Sanz usually keeps most of his life with his wife under wraps, so there is very little information about them. Thus, all that is known about his wife, Jenn, is her professional life.

Some of his wife's major work is hit show 30 rock and movies such as Bachelorette and Joshy.

Horatio Sanz with His Wife

Horatio Sanz attends the premiere of Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie with wife Jenn Schatz in 2013 (Photo:

Since the husband-wife duo has kept an incognito profile among the public, they have not shared their position on parenting yet.

However, they have a very smooth marital relationship and have no rumors of divorce or extramarital affairs.

Jenn has always been a supportive wife, and with her beside Horatio, he accomplices everything. In his journey of losing weight, Jenn was always there for him. 

Weight Loss & Height

In 2017, the artist evolved in terms of healthy living and surprised everyone with a drastic change in his appearance for good. Everyone pictured him as a chubby Latino guy full of humor, but after losing a massive amount of 45 kilograms, all of that changed. 

Due to a strict diet that discarded nuts and a rigorous workout session, Horatio was able to maintain his shape in vast amounts. Moreover, his height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters) adds more attractiveness to his overall new posture.

His weight loss journey was a huge shock to everyone. Apart from his weight loss journey and his life alongside his beautiful spouse, his journey from Chile to Chicago is also one not to miss. 

From Chile to Chicago 

Horatio was born on 4th June 1969 in Santiago, Chile, and since moving to Chicago at the young age of two months, he officially holds the American nationality. Coming from a Latino ethnicity, his father Carlos and mother Sylvia Sanz raised him in a very diverse neighborhood in Illinois.

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As the youngest child, the comedian grew up with his brothers Carlos and Steve Sanz. After his school years, he enrolled in Columbia College Chicago and eventually started to focus on his comedic performances through improvisation and live performances. Through his step, he has now made a name for himself in the comedy world. 

Horatio Sanz's Net Worth & Work Update

As per Horatio's finance, he has made himself a net worth of $2 million. Most parts of it got accumulated during his nine years of tenure as a cast member on SNL.

As of now, the TV personality still has more projects coming his way, which can help him boost his current net worth. He has earned a good name and fame in the entertainment industry. 

He was also a part of a comedy movie, Step Brothers, where he is the band's lead singer who gets kicked out off the stage while throwing a hissy fit. 

Recently, he was spotted as a Wierd Man in a comedy series named Mapleworth Murders

And it seems he is still a good friend with Jimmy Fallon, with whom he started his career with. 

Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon's Friendship

Horatio and Jimmy Fallon have a very genuine friendship between them. They became acquainted in SNL.

Jimmy and Horatio started their journey in SNL together as rookie stand-up comedians. They shared in an interview how they were so excited to join the show and looked like weirdos in front of other established stand-up comedians. They shared how much they used to get in trouble together as well. 

They were also roommates for six years, which shows how much they are closer to each other. 

While they were the casts of SNL, they did the most hit skit, "I Wish It Was Christmas Day," together with Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan in 2000. They recreated the same performance in 2019 with the popular demand. 

Jimmy and Horatio's name again connected after an anonymous woman accused Horatio of sexual abuse. 

Before the scandal broke out, Horatio updated his daily life on Instagram and Twitter. But now, he has stopped posting on his social media since February 2022. 

In 2021, Horatio was accused of sexual abuse by an anonymous woman who again claimed that Jimmy was also aware of their inappropriate relationship in mid-February 2022. Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon

Horatio Sanz and Jimmy at Felissimo Design House in New York City (Source: Rollingstone)

Since then, he has made his Twitter account protected. Also, there have been no comments from Jimmy about the scandal.

The case is still ongoing. So stay tuned with us for further updates.