Is MSNBC's Luke Russert Married to Jake Sherman? Or, Is It Just a Rumor: Career, Girlfriend and Weight Loss

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Is MSNBC's Luke Russert Married to Jake Sherman? Or, Is It Just a Rumor: Career, Girlfriend and Weight Loss

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1985-08-22
  • Age 35 Years 0 Month(s)
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Place Washington, DC
  • Profession Journalist
  • Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Father Timothy J. Russert
  • Mother Maureen Orth
  • Children/Kids Not Yet
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Girlfriend Not Known
  • Gay No
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Awards Emmy Award
  • Nominees Emmy Awards
  • Career 2008-2016
  • High School St. Albans School
  • College Boston College
  • Height/ How Tall? N/A
  • Weight N/A
  • Official Site
  • Rumors Gay

"Love," "break-ups," "Marriage," and "Divorce" have always been interesting scoops capable of generating curiosity in humans.

Speaking of such human-interest news, the personal life of Luke Russert has been quite a roller-coaster ride in the past few years. From rumors of him being bisexual to the rumor of being engaged to the love of his life, he has stunned everybody being an unpredictable man.

Luke Russert is a correspondent for the NBC network. He can be seen reporting on platforms such as NBC nightly news, Today, and MSNBC. He also hosts his web show, The Briefing.

Other than that he is also known for being the son of a renowned reporter, Tim Russert. But what very few people expected of him was to declare a surprise engagement and that too in a same-sex relationship. Learn the real story behind his engagement and sexuality.

Russert has been known mostly for supporting homosexuality, but despite all of this, many people failed to see this one coming. In January Russert stunned the world when he screamed at the top of his lungs, "He Said Yeesss." from the rooftops like a madman when he was with his friend, Jake Sherman, which could mean only one thing.

Gay Rumors on April Fool:

A news story was posted on The Daily Caller by reporter Betsy Rothstein that Russet took to the rooftops of Capitol Rotunda where he had arranged a romantic dinner for his BFF, Jake where he had popped the question to him. Most people had considered them to be friends, but only a few knew otherwise.

No further comments may have been given on the matter by both of them but Russert Screaming, “He said YESSS…” from the Capitol’s rooftop kind of tells us the story.

Their relationship only initiated after they read an NYT magazine cover story on bisexuality and realized that they could explore their feelings. The last we heard from them, it appeared as they were quickly looking to get married.

Are you shocked?-Yes, then you would be more shocked when you come across a picture further down the news story;

Happy April Fools Day picture is targeting the readers of the story. (Photo:

Yes, the picture was shocking, wasn't it? Apart from the fact that the story not being funny as an April Fools prank, the reporter had the audacity to call the readers "Jackass." So, after months of talks from the readers who were to hurried to read only half the story.

It came to an end when another news came up that Sherman was getting married but not with Luke, he was getting married to an attorney, Irene Jefferson.

After that, they got married on February 15, 2015, only a year later of the prank story that he was engaged with Luke Russert. It was only after then that people Re-read it correctly to notice their mistake on reading the not-so-funny prank of April 1st.


Happy bday to my best friend, best dance partner and my soon-to-be wife. #30. #jirene #thingshappening

A photo posted by Jake Sherman (@jakesherman) on

Russert has not commented any further on the matter, but a thing like that can be sorrowful to anybody. Russert faced greater sadness over the years after the death of his father in 2008. He has also been a victim of countless controversies the most long-running and hurting one being called nepotistic.

However, Russert has proved himself an equally effective journalist. He ignores all the controversies and works harder. He has also lost a lot of weight recently. He works out but considers a healthy diet as the primary component for weight loss. Many people have complimented him and paid regards to his father at the same time.

Luke Russert has also gone on ignoring the stupid prank about him and a dear friend. He is no stranger to such humorless jokes and has moved on with his life though it may have hurt him after all the stands he has taken towards homosexuality. He is currently not seen with a girlfriend and looking at his past dating life there is not much chance that we will see him with a wife shortly. Even though he isn’t planning a wedding anytime sooner, he is busy attending them.

Did I mention his best quality? –that he is a dog lover:


Look what I won at the carnival! ??????

A photo posted by Luke Russert (@lukerussert) on

Or should I say a Pug lover:


Happy National #PugDay! Can never have enough. #puglife #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglove

A photo posted by Luke Russert (@lukerussert) on

Anything That Makes a Barking Sound Really:

Russert is presently 30 years of age and still single. Graduated as B.A in History and Communication from the Boston College, Russert is known as the 'Golden Boy,' a title formerly owned by his father and used for him because of the possession of same qualities as his father.

Russert landed a job in NBC at 2008 and had worked hard and gotten promoted, but people mostly criticize him calling him a nepotist. He recently lost his father, Tim Russert, who was a renowned journalist himself.

Big Russ and Me:

As said above it can be seen that Luke is fond of his Father and likes to carry on his legacy as much as possible. So, for this, he has written a new introduction to his father which is his best-seller called 'Big Rush' and me.

When he was asked about if he had known anything different about his father now that he following his footsteps on May 2014, Russert answered by saying,

“Absolutely,” said Russert. “I love him even more. I was a amazed after working at NBC News for a few years how much of a 24/7 job it is.”

Luke Russert leaves NBC!

Luke Russert announced in June 2016 that he was leaving NBC. After nine years of history in the news channel, Luke revealed he was taking time off from political Journalism. Sources suggest that Luke was growing weary of his work and for right reasons, he has been working for NBC since he graduated from University and had been regarded as a replacement for his father, Tim Russert for the longest time. Stress like that goes far, and it seems Luke just wants time off to enjoy his life. When he revealed that he was quitting, Luke pointed out his weariness stating,

It's fair to say my broadcast career began in an unusual way after college graduation and the death of my father . As a result, I threw myself into the work and never took time to reflect, to travel and to experience many things that would have given me a clearer sense of what my future should be. Now at 30, I look forward to taking some time away from political reporting and focusing my efforts on other endeavors that I've long wanted to pursue.

Longtime Co-worker Chuck Todd talked about his departure stating 

I have to say, I think he's slowly becoming the new mayor of Capitol Hill. I mean that in a good way. There's always a member of the press corps — like, after Carl Hulse left [the congressional beat for the New York Times], it's like, you know, I think Luke's working that beat very, very well. I really do. But it's not easy for him. He works really hard at it. He does a great job.

And furthermore paid respects to Luke by stating that he was his own man and was not just defined as the son of "Tim Russert."

Caption: Luke Russert announces his departure from NBC

Luke Russert's Short Bio:

Luke Russert was born on August 22, 1985. He graduated from St. Albans School in 'Washington D.C' and by double majoring in Communications and History received a degree in 2008. Tim Russert has been called an equal of Tim by many of his followers.

While he was completing his Masters Degree, he was also working for the ESPN's 'Pardon the Interruption.' He shocked the world when recently in July 2016 he left NBC. NBC had been the career of his father for 24 years, and people thought his legacy would be continued there by Luke Russert. 

 In 2016, he was the correspondent for the show, 'All in with Chris Hayes' and appeared as a correspondent up 2015 to 2016 and worked on NBC News special and other NBC shows alongside Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams and much more.