Jane Adams Hiding Her Married Life And Husband Or She Doesn't Have Any? Living A Lesbian Life Or Just A Rumor?

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Jane Adams Hiding Her Married Life And Husband Or She Doesn't Have Any? Living A Lesbian Life Or Just A Rumor?

Celebrities never fail to catch up our attention with their on/off screen matches. But what if any of them remains completely silent about his/her relationship? There is no surprise to say; they grab our maximum attention as we get more anxious to know about the same star.

Jane Adams is one of such actress who rarely gets highlighted and demonstrates fewer happenings from her life. Consequently, the questions related to her marriage remains unanswered, that pinches our curiosity to a deeper height.

Well, we like to calm you at this moment and assist you in a tour through her life events.

Dating Life With Older And Younger Partner

Jane Adams has been an actress who likes to stay away from relations and mostly probably rumors. She has no any intention to get married anytime soon and is single now, but it wasn't a similar story many years before this date.

The actress was involved in relationships with two men, one who ages much older than her and the other who is junior to her.

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Her relationship timeline starts from the year 1995, the time when she was dating a senior American actor Steve Martin. Their dating wasn't a huge attraction as it was short and ended the same year.

The time of their detachment and the exact reason for the separation are the matters that the actors never preferred to disclose. However, Steve later moved on with Anne Heche.

Jane and her past dating partners: Steve Martin (L) and Bobby Cannavale (R) (Photo: liverampup.com)

The next encounter that Jane's heart made was with another American actor, Bobby Cannavale, who is much younger than the actress. Jane, as before, had nothing to reveal regarding the second man in her life and Bobby also remained silent in this case.

Bobby later married American actress Jenny Lumet in 1994, but as of today, he is single alike Jane.

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On-Screen Married Actress; Has Husband In Real-Life Too?

Apart from her real life, Jane has portrayed as a wife opposite to several male characters in the screens and theaters. One of such scenario was in NBC series Frasier, where she played a character Mel Karnofsky, a surgeon serving for Dr. Maris Crane.

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On the show, she was a single mother of an adult son as she divorced her husband, Niles Crane after a serious humiliation at a wedding.

The on-screen couple of Frasier: Jane Adams as Mel Karnofsky and David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane (Photo: Getty Images)

Jane Adams also shared a romantic moment with her on-screen husband Niles before their divorce in the series Frasier. 

Aside from her on-screen married life with her on-screen husband,  she is yet to embark into the married life in real life. Moreover, there are no shreds of evidence to verify the actress to be a lesbian. Indeed she is supposed to be searching a perfect man to get married soon.

Family Of Three Children; Net Worth In Millions 

Jane Adams was born on 1 April 1965 in Washington, District of Columbia, the USA to father, Williams Adams, and mother Janice Adams. The family of Jane also includes other children; her younger brother, Jonathan Adams. Besides these, the actress hasn't revealed any additional information related to her parents and brother.

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Jane Adams, the actress with a height of 5' 5'', is involved in different categories of acting like theaters, TV series and films and has an incredible career in this industry. She has started entertaining us since 1985 and is continuing till today.

She has multiple projects under her pocket. She landed the role of Miriam Keneally in the  TV drama Messiah which will be aired from 2019. She also appeared as "Maggie Murphy" in the 2015's TV series Sneaky Pete in 2018. 

The job yields a net worth of $1.5 million for the actress.