Jordan Calloway A Perfect Dating Material! 5 Reasons Why Anyone Would Be His Girlfriend

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Jordan Calloway A Perfect Dating Material! 5 Reasons Why Anyone Would Be His Girlfriend

If you have not taken out your notes, maybe it's time to bring it out now, because it's all about your favorite actor, Jordan Calloway. To sizzle it more, today, we have cut to the chase and brought you why Jordan is all about the perfect dating material.

If you are one in the mass, who have long crushed him and day-dreamt of being Jordan's girlfriend, then it is just the perfect treasure you want to get your hands dirty with. Well, to make it easier, we have boiled everything down to five reasons to date Jordan!

1) Jordan Calloway Seems to be Single. 

Jordan Calloway is already a famed name in the entertainment world, and you might want to include one of such names in your “crush” list because the highly regarded actor, Jordan, is possibly single.

For his dating affairs, Jordan made his social media, the platform to share his “single dating status” clues on 2012. On February 15, 2012, Jordan happened to reply one of his fans (Ms_Malone on Twitter), where he mentioned that he is only his Mom’s Valentine.

Well, his valentine can change, in case, he finds a girlfriend to call as Valentine on a daily basis, as revealed in his Twitter response.

Additionally, for those who have been long crushing Jordan, you might not have known that Jordan has a crush of his own. He shared an Instagram image on January 22, 2015, revealing the American actress, Taraji P. Henson as his crush. 


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2) Jordan Is A Graduate!

Education plays a huge role in the making of a gentleman. So if you are wondering the same case in Jordan Calloway, it's best to know that the actor is already a graduate.

Though Jordan has hardly disclosed anything about his education, his Instagram post back in February 2016 makes it evident that he is a graduate. Jordan shared a throwback picture of his graduation day back on February 26, 2016, with the caption that reads:

"#TBT College Graduation w/ my lil PI sis... wasn't easy.
"When the tough gets going, the going gets tough. Whether you want to or not." -6th grade teacher."


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3) Jordan has Attractive Physique!

One may judge the book by its cover, but it's usually the covers that attract the eye in the first place. Speaking of Jordan, the actor too possesses such attractive cover; his attractive physique is more than enough to grasp attention in the first look. The alluring physique with the killer looks, Jordan's physique is something every fan wants to feast their eyes all day long. 

The actor flaunted his enticing body figures through his Instagram on February 10, 2017. 


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Now, isn't that the perfectly shaped muscles Jordan's girlfriend would dream of to feast her eyes? 

4) Jordan Is A Family Loving Man!

Well, it is another great news to know that Jordan is a 'family loving' man. The possibly single actor takes his time to share the moments with his niece and nephew(children of his brother Niles Calloway).

Marking the birthday of his niece, Jordan shared an Instagram image back on December 9, 2014. 


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That's not all! Jordan also gave away the glimpse of his bond with his nephew while celebrating their birthdays on the weekend in December 2017. 


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5) Jordan Calloway Is A Successful Actor!

Last but not the least, Jordan has got the acting bug for himself and made an excellent career in the acting world. Debuting in 2000, Jordan has garnered much success and fame through his 18 years of contribution to the entertainment industry.

Best known for "Drumline: A New Beat" (2014), and "Grandma's House" (2016), Jordan has gained various accolades and acclaims, like Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series (2005) for his performances in the series "Unfabulous" (2004-2007).

From the same series, he gained the acclaim of Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) in both, 2006 and 2007. 

For Jordan, acting is not just a passion but runs in his blood as well; he was born to his parents; father, Joseph W.Calloway (a cinematographer) and mother, Tony L. Calloway (actress).

Following his parents' footsteps, Jordan has not only continued the family's profession but also excelled his predecessors.

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