Kevin Durant Dating Life Uncovered | Who Is His Girlfriend Now?

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Kevin Durant Dating Life Uncovered | Who Is His Girlfriend Now?

Kevin Durant is considered one of the greatest players to have played the game of basketball. He has been performing consistently throughout his life, even during his high school and college careers. But his love life is opposite to his professional life. 

The NBA player had many girlfriends in the past and still has not found his perfect partner. 

Let's look into his dating life. 

Kevin Durant's Dating History

Kevin has been linked with many women in the past. The first woman on this list is Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. The alleged couple was said to be dating each other during the 2016-2017 NBA season.

However, Kevin and Rosalyn never went out, and Rosalyn denied being Kevin's girlfriend during an interview with Bauce magazine in June 2017.

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Moving on from Rosalyn, Kevin dated a real estate agent, Cassandra Anderson. The reports of their relationship first surfaced during the 2017-2018 NBA season. Kevin's girlfriend, Cassandra, was also spotted sitting in the special section at his games for Golden State Warriors.

Furthermore, some pictures were released by Sports Gossip that showcased Kevin hugging his girlfriend, Cassandra, from the back. The photos were said to be from Stephen Curry's 30th birthday party.

Kevin Durant's Girlfriend

Kevin Durant with his girlfriend, Cassandra Anderson, in March 2018 at Stephen Curry's birthday party (Photo: Sports Gossip)

But, this companionship, too, was meant to have the same fate as his previous relationship. Kevin and his girlfriend, Cassandra, broke up around late 2018 to early 2019 for no apparent reason.

After the split, his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra, deleted all the posts on her Instagram, including Kevin, and made her account private.

When his rumors of breaking up with Cassandra surfaced, Kevin was linked with another woman. According to some sources, Keven was going out with an Instagram model and entrepreneur, Amy Shebab, but neither confirmed or denied the rumors.

However, there are speculations that Kevin got involved with many women after his broken engagement. 

Kevin Durant's Engagement

Kevin was in a romantic relationship with WNBA player Monica Wright. However, contrary to when they were said to be dating by the media, the couple had known each other for a long time, from high school to be specific.

Kevin Durant's Wife

Kevin Durant and ex-fiancee Monica Wright playing for their respective teams (Photo: Bleacher Report)

Despite remaining friends for a long time, they only started to date in May of 2013, or maybe that's what they made it seem like. Either way, their relationship progressed at a rapid pace. Soon enough, the couple got engaged on 7th July 2013, just around two months after they allegedly started dating.

Kevin was even thinking about making Monica his wife. But the marriage wasn't meant to happen as they couldn't continue their relationship past a couple of months.

Kevin and his supposed wife, Monica, both are quite religious. However, it turned out that Monica was a bit more religious than Kevin. And this ended up being the reason their engagement came to an end.

The couple started going their separate ways after the engagement. Therefore, due to incompatibility issues, the pair broke off their engagement in early 2014.

Kevin said during an interview with GQ in 2015 that he didn't know how to love Monica, and that's why the relationship ended. However, Monica had her reasons for the split.

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During an interview with Risen magazine, Monica said that she broke off the relationship as Kevin wasn't willing to make personal changes to accommodate her faith.

The basketball players went their separate ways after the split. While Kevin is still searching for the right girlfriend for himself, Monica has already married another basketball personality - Michael Rogers.

Kevin seems to focus more on his career than dating now.

Kevin Durant's Career

Kevin Wayne Durant was born on 29th September 1988 in the outskirts of Washington, DC, the US, to his parents, Wanda and Wayne Pratt. He has three siblings, Rayconne, Tony, and Brianna. 

Kevin was always a tall guy, and since his childhood, he dreamed of playing for his favorite team, the Toronto Raptors, which included his favorite player, Vince Carter.

With a height of 6 feet 10 inches, Kevin has been one of the best players in the league in every season he has played ever since his draft in the NBA.

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Drafted in the 2007 NBA Draft, he was the second overall pick of the Seattle SuperSonics. After his rookie year, the Seattle SuperSonics team moved to Oklahoma and was renamed Oklahoma City Thunder. He was a four-time scoring champion with the Thunder before winning consecutive NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors between 2016 and 2018.

On December 22, Kevin became the brand ambassador of Coinbase.

He has accumulated a sizable net worth thanks to his excellent career accomplishment. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin has accumulated a net worth of $200 million and earns much more than the average salary of $42 million per annum. 

As of now, Kevin is single and still searching for a girlfriend. Nobody knows when the news about his next fling might surface, but till then, all anyone can do is speculate.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on Kevin Durant.