Manuela Escobar Bio: Daughter Of Pablo Escobar & Her Net Worth Today

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Manuela Escobar Bio: Daughter Of Pablo Escobar & Her Net Worth Today

The daughter of a hardened narco-terrorist, Manuela Escobar grew up as her father's little princess. 

But even after Pablo's public demise, the family could not skip the criminal history of the drug lord. Manuela had to change her real name to live a safe life, but it was not too long before her family's identity was revealed. 

Following the identity revelation, Manuela's fear led her to live an enclosed life.

Bio- Raised Like A Princess But Learned To Face Difficult Situations

Manuela Escobar is the youngest child and the only daughter of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao. Born on 25 May 1984, her father was known as the "Cocaine King," who managed the Medellin Cartel in Colombia and was solely responsible for more than 80% of the cocaine business around the world.

Like Pablo, one of her uncles Roberto Escobar was also snuggled into her father's drug business.

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Manuela was raised as a little princess by her doting father before his death in 1993. She also has a brother named Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, an architect and a writer, who changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin to shadow his real identity.

Manuela, aged 35, lived quite a different life than most of the children. Unlike normal children, she was home-schooled for her safety after the revelation of her identity from her father' s foes.

Manuela with father Pablo, mother Maria, and brother Juan Pablo Escobar (Photo:

Since a young age, she had learned to face a dangerous situation. Manuela and her family had to change their hideout regularly for safety and to escape danger. While the family was living at their Monaco apartment, a car bomb exploded in an attempt to kill her father which nearly made her deaf.

Though Pablo was a criminal to the world, he was the great father to his children.  He used to go through any situation to keep his children safe and fulfill their wish.

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Once when Manuela asked Pablo Escobar for a unicorn as her birthday gift, he stapled a cow's horn to a horse and attached wings on its back to make a unicorn for her daughter.

It is also assumed that he burned cash worth $ 2 million to keep his family warm. But as of now, Pablo's criminal history has been dominating Manuela's life as she has been her life in fear.

Where Is Manuela Today?

After her doting father, Pablo Escobar was shot to death in 1993, Manuela's life took a dramatic turn. 

She was just nine at the time, and her family left Colombia, but no one was ready to provide them safety and asylum. The family moved to Mozambique, then Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Peru, and finally to Argentina where they lived under an assumed name.

At the time of Pablo's death, he had an estimated net worth of $30 billion, but his family did not take the help of his vast net worth instead, Pablo's widow worked full-time and raised her children out of the criminal world.

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Manuela Escobar has been living out of the spotlight and the crime world (Photo:

After Manuela's mother and brother were arrested for falsifying public documents and money laundering, reported surfaced that she was living in a residential building named Jaramillo in Buenos Aires, Argentina under an assumed name, Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. It was further revealed that she was attending a school like a normal kid and had friends of her age.

Once her real identity was leaked, the daughter of the Cocaine-legend had to live her life in fear. Though her mother and brother was soon released, she started to live in the shadows. Unlike her mother and brother, who frequently talk about Pablo, Manuela has never been in the limelight. In addition to cutting the route with the outside world, she is not much in contact with her own family including her grandparents from her father's side.

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With a gloomy personality, she was caught into the sad world, and her brother has even reported that she attempted suicide many times. She is studying public relations and currently lives with her brother and his wife.

Even after her father's death, the family could not run away with Pablo's criminal history, but Manuela was the only member of the Escobar family who was not accused of any crimes. As for now, the once pampered daughter of Pablo has disappeared from the limelight. But her brother enjoys the public attention, writing books and gives interviews about his father.

More Facts On Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar is now living a very quiet life outside of Colombia and is involved in public relation as a career.

Though she has gone under a series of depressive events as a daughter of the former drug lord, she is slowly blending into the lifestyle with her brother and his wife.

Here are some facts about her:

  • She is the second child of Pablo alongside a brother 
  • Pablo wanted Manuela to be his last-child, so he made one of his lovers to stop her pregnancy.
  • She is not active in social media like Instagram and lives a very secretive life with her brother.
  • He is a student of public relations but, could not find any job for herself.
  • Her schooling was cut off and she continued privately education.
  • Her net worth is still unknown.