Maura Tierney Divorced Her Husband After A Longtime; Revealed About Battle With Cancer And A Sense Of Relief Too

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Maura Tierney Divorced Her Husband After A Longtime; Revealed About Battle With Cancer And A Sense Of Relief Too

Quick Information

  • Divorce/Split Once
  • Lesbian No
  • Eye Color Hazel
  • Hair Color Dark Brown
  • Hair Long
  • Weight 57 kg (126 lb)
  • Height/ How Tall? 5 Feet 3 Inches
  • College New York University
  • High School Mount Alvernia Academy Elementary School
  • Career 1987–present
  • Net Worth $10 million
  • Ex-Husband Billy Morrissette (m. 1993–Div.2006)
  • Date of Birth Feb 03, 1965
  • Age 56 Years, 7 Months
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Sister/s Deidre Tierney
  • Brother/s Brian, Jospeh Tierney Jr
  • Mother Pat Tierney
  • Father Joseph M. Tierney
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarious
  • Birth Name Maura Lynn Tierney
  • Profession Actress
  • Birth Place Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Nationality American

After getting divorced with a husband of 13 years, Maura Tierney who has delineated the role as a practical nurse in the NBC’s American drama ER was diagnosed with a tumor in her breast. 

When she was all set for work in her new project ‘Parenthood,' she got to know about her devastating health status. Well! In our story, will dig the scenario of then to insight the fact.

End of one problem; arises another!

The American actress Maura Tierney from mid-2000 faced many complications. It includes both her physical status and her personal too.

In 2006, she got divorced with her husband, Billy Morrissette. The two were married in February 1993. But after 13 years of marriage, ‘Radiohead’ star filed for divorce citing ‘Irreconcilable differences.'

Caption: Maura Tierney with her husband Billy Morrissette during Sundance Film Festival 2001.

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Morrissette is also an actor, who has been in a string of minor film and television series. His gigs include "Vegas Vacation" and "Mad About You."

Their fans were devastated with the news of their divorce. They have commented about the beautiful relation of two which eventually ended.

The two have been separated since March 7 as per Tierney statement. After getting divorced with Billy Morrissette, there was a rumor in the air, of her dating actor Nick Nolte, but both of them remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.

Caption: Maura Tierney and Nick Nolte were rumored to be dating, but their relationship was not that publicized.

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The two never openly flaunted their relation, so basically, their relationship was never official and only a talk of the town.

Her battle with cancer and it's the upshot:

Moving on to her health condition, back in 2009, while she was set to go for her new project with NBC on ‘Parenthood,' she was diagnosed with a lump in her breast. Well! We can imagine how it must have made her feel when she was building up her career.

Now, she is all good and has nailed her shows with her acting skills but back then undoubtedly she was in total shock about her health reports, as she has repeatedly mentioned in interviews.

Caption: Maura Tierney talks about her battle with cancer in ‘The View (Published on June 25, 2012). 

While she went to a personal physician with a small lump on her breast, the oncologist put the mammogram on the wall saying she would be able to go through the devastating reports on her own. For that precise moment, she stated in an interview,

“It was the most surreal, crazy moment,”  

With the shocking news which was right in front her eyes, Maura Tierney chooses to believe her doctor as she was in the early phase of the most common cancer diagnosed in women. She divulged getting back to the situation,

"I was so, so scared of going to the doctor. I felt something, and my boyfriend at the time made me go," she says. "He said, 'You've got to take care of this,' because I was afraid. That's the one thing I will say: Don't be afraid to go to the damn doctor. Just go!"

Also, she shared,

“I had insurance, I found a great team of doctors at UCLA, and I could afford not to work while I was getting treated. From the beginning my doctor told me, 'You're going to be okay,' and I chose to believe him."

But whatsoever the case, Maura Tierney buckled up and was about to get reconstructive surgery. With fear and anxiety inside, she put on the mask of a brave face then got back from then operation theater diminishing the probability of next level of cancer. 

Skin-sparing mastectomy was successful, but she had to go for three months of chemotherapy because the tumor was more aggressive that it was evaluated.

After getting back to normal life, she felt the immense sense of gratitude, because one way or other the battle with cancer wasn’t that easy, of course. And that has helped her to come out even stronger and became the life-changing fact in her entire life. She stated,

“There is one thing I've learned for sure. It's a life-changing thing to be in a position of needing help and being so lucky as to get it and to feel like that's okay. You can't just take care of everybody else all the time. That's almost as perspective-changing as the illness. For someone like me, that was kind of tough."

The lesson which she got from the victory from the fatal disease, she made it worth after being the face of Chemotherapy: Myths or Facts? Partnering with pharmaceutical company Amgen in 2012 in which doctor Dr. Patrick Cobb, a medical oncologist also took part.

Caption: Maura Tierney shares about her battle with cancer in The Ellen Show. (Published on Oct 18, 2010)

Both Cobb and Tierney gave as much information as they could and urged cancer patients to get enough information from doctors and nurses.

In the campaign, Tierney motivated many and became the idol too. She drove with her story, getting back to that part where she got once and done all of the things needed at the time. She inspired people with her words,

“For me, and I think for a lot of people, this is an endurable process than I had anticipated. It’s very difficult, but I did it, and it’s terrible, and then it’s over.”

Well! That was about her battle with cancer from which she has come out with flying colors. And the best part of all of it is, the cancer was harmless and didn’t return to Tierney, and she is very relieved with that news, so far.

The Massachusetts-born actress who has set her name in the industry with her acting gigs made her first professional debut, in a Disney Channel television movie called, "Student Exchange” in 1987. She got her break with her role as Lisa Miller on "NewsRadio" in 1997 which led her to other movies such as "Primal Fear"? (1996), "Liar Liar"(1997) and "Forces of Nature" (1999), ultimately these movies got included in her film credits. 

More recently, she starred in ‘The Affairs’ in 2014 for which in 2016, she also got honored with Golden Globe Award. All her work on stage, films and television has made a figurative amount of net worth which tends to $10 million.