Osric Chau Talks About His Ideal Wife & Married Status Amid Gay Rumors

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Osric Chau is a Canadian actor and martial artist best known for his roles at...Following wide speculations about his sexuality with the actor rumored to be gay, Chau has clarified with a tweet that mentioned...With a hidden relationship status, Chau...
Osric Chau Talks About His Ideal Wife & Married Status Amid Gay Rumors

Coming from Asian roots to achieve significant career heights, Osric Chau shot to stardom on his own, proving talent has no boundaries.

Canadian actor and Martial artist, Osric grabbed everyone's attention through his stunning performances on screen. However, ever since the spotlight fell on him, his sexual orientation has also been much debated about.

Is the actor openly gay or does he plans on settling down with his wife?

Despite the personal life mystery, Osric’s professional life has been an open book. Gradually developing his career with some outstanding performances in several movies and TV Shows, Chau has managed to build decent net worth.

Rumored Gay Star Dreams Of Getting Married With Wife: Dating Girlfriend?

With a preference to maintain a low-key personal life, much had been debated about Osric’s sexual orientation. With no sort of clarification provided by the Supernatural star, he was rumored to be gay, and he had been accused of hiding his sexuality under the coset.

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However, Osric put an end to rumors suggesting him to be a gay with a tweet on January 2015, where he highlighted the mainstream problem of the society to confuse sexual orientation and gender expression.

“A lot of people seem to get confused between sexual orientation and gender expression. I do it cause I think it's fun.”

Ever since the 2012 star has clarified his sexual orientation to be straight, fans all over his social media account have been extremely curious about whether or not they stand a chance.

Osric, who hasn't talked openly about his dating life and whether or not he has a girlfriend has, however, shared his plans of getting married somewhere down the line. So much so, that he has already decided the name of his baby after he gets married to his wife.

With his trademark humor, the actor revealed what he intended to name his babies with a tweet on January 2015.

“If one day I actually get married and have 3 kids, I'd name them Mark 1, Mark 2, and Steve. They'd be the prettiest girls you've ever seen.”

With his personal life still hidden amongst the curtains, the information regarding his dating life and his girlfriend remains a well-maintained secret. However, the Canadian has definitely increased a lot of women’s heartbeats revealing his intentions of getting married someday.

Bio Reveals Age, Height, Career Highlights, and Net Worth

Born in Canada to his HongKong rooted father and a mother from Malaysia, Osric, age 32, belongs to a mixed ethnicity. With his love for martial arts and stunts ever since his childhood, Chau, standing in at a height of 5’8”, knew from the very beginning where his career lied ahead.

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Initiating his career as an emerging artist at the age of 16 in Canadian series Cold Squad in 2002, Osric in his career has been a part of several hit movies and Tv shows.

The most notable roles he has portrayed include his character portrayal of Nima in the movie 2012, and as Kevin Tran in the American dark fantasy television series Supernatural.

Osric Chau in the role of Kevin Tran in the American series Supernatural. (Photo:

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With a series of memorable character portrayals, Chau remains in search of that one major role that identifies him as a megastar in Hollywood. However, the Canadian in his glamorous career till date has managed to bag a net worth of $500 thousand, one he intends to drastically increase down the line.