Richard Roundtree Net Worth, Wife, Children

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Richard Roundtree Net Worth, Wife, Children

Richard Roundtree is by far the most prominent star to have come out in the '70s Blaxploitation era, although it was only on the silver screen.

Then 22-year-old Richard burst into the international scene portraying the character John Shaft in the 1971 film, Shaft. He also starred in the franchise's subsequent 1972 and 1973 sequels. Between 1973 and 1974, CBS even aired a spin-off TV series of the same name.

In 2000, a remake of original Shaft starring Richard and on-screen nephew Samuel L. Jackson got premiered. Nineteen years later, Jesse T. Usher as John Shaft Jr. became the newest star to join the Shaft legacy.

Iconic Gay Sequence Featuring Richard

Still, the first installment of Shaft franchise remains among the pop culture fanatics. From its casting of a black man as the film's lead to the depiction of the post-Civil Rights Movement, the film poses as a time capsule of the '70s.

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In its very first sequence, the film managed to capture a glimpse of the early gay movement. In essence, it was a rare 15 seconds documentation of an organized Gay Activists Alliance protest.

The demonstration depicted wasn't a staged performance at all - one of the many reasons why the sequence appeals to the masses today.

Net Worth In 2019

Beyond his legacy as the talented detective Shaft, Richard gets best recognized for his performances on TV series including 413 Hope StreetY2K – World in Crisis, Lincoln Heights, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Earthquake, Inchon, Brick, and George of the Jungle are some of the veteran actor's notable movies.

During his 50+ years long career in Hollywood, Richard worked in over 100 projects. Clint Eastwood, Peter O'Toole, David Niven, Laurence Olivier, Morgan Freeman, and Brad Pitt were privileged enough to share the same screen with him.

Richard Roundtree with Samuel L. Jackson & Jesse T. Usher at Shaft premiere in NYC in 2019 (Photo:-

An A-Lister by definition, Richard garners $2 million in net worth. The figure will likely see an increase in 2019 following the premiere Shaft's fourth installment.

Married Man With Wife & Children?

Between November 1963 to December 1973, Richard was in a marital relationship with Mary Jane Grant. He and his first wife had two children before their divorce.

After Mary, the Earthquake actor married his second wife Karen M. Ciernia, in September 1980. The duo went on to conceive three kids before divorcing in 1998.

Of his five children, four are daughters, namely: Kelly, Nicole, Tayler-Marie, and Morgan. John James Roundtree is his only son.

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Supposedly, Richard's failed marriages weren't as painful as his battle with breast cancer. After his diagnosis in 1993, he required chemotherapy, double vasectomy, and radiation treatments.

Parents, Family, Age & Height

Born in 1942 in New York, Richard hailed from a religious family. He and his siblings - John Roundtree Jr. & Kathryn - grew under the care of parents: Pentecostal minister John J Roundtree and Kathryn.

Gifted with six feet and two inches (1.88 m) height, the 76-year-old actor attended Southern Illinois University on football ownership. He managed to leave the program and pursue a career in acting.