Shannon Sharpe & Girlfriend Could Just Get Married; Did They Already?

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Shannon Sharpe is a former NFL player regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Post his retirement, Shannon has involved himself in...He is also engaged to his longtime girlfriend...Shannon, with all the fame,...
Shannon Sharpe & Girlfriend Could Just Get Married; Did They Already?

Leaving it all, be it blood or sweat, on the field, Shannon Sharpe enjoys a retired life as an analyst and TV presenter and is considered as one of the greatest ever to grace the game of football till date.

Post his retirement, Shannon has finally rediscovered the personal aspects of life he selflessly sacrificed as a football player. And his reward comes in the form of his fitness instructor girlfriend. A proud father, Shannon has been just as good as a boyfriend as he was as a player. But are the two just dating or is there something more between them?

Making it big in life after coming from a background where most struggle for mere subsistence, Shannon has not forgotten the contribution of his family members in making him the man he is just yet.

Girlfriend or Wife: Father Of Three Children Already Married Or Is There Something New Cooking?

After living most of his professional life under a constant spotlight, Shannon has preferred to keep his private life under the curtains.

With a love for his own privacy, contrasting to his outspoken nature on his Fox Sports show, Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, Shannon has not preferred to reveal many details about his personal life.

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Shannon seemed to have finally met the love of his life after he was rumored to be engaged with her longtime girlfriend Katy Kellner, somewhere during the time period of 2016.

With the duo noticed together on several occasions making public appearances, Shannon and Katy were the talks of the town for quite some time.  

Shannon Sharpe alongside his fiance Katy Kellner. (Photo:

A fitness instructor, Katy in an interview with The Baller Life in 2017, revealed that the duo’s shared love for fitness had contributed to the blossoming of their relationship.

“Working out is a passion for Shannon and me. In fact, our romance began in a gym! Fitness has had a positive effect on our relationship because it is a common interest that we both feel very passionate about. We work out together, and that allows us to spend much more quality time together.”

A father of three from his previous relationships, Katy complemented Shannon’s children Kaley, Kayla, and Kiara significantly. With the easy-go nature of the fitness instructor, she brought balance to the aggressive and trash talking personality of Shannon.

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However, it seems time has taken its turns on Shannon and Katy and their relationship. The former lovebirds have definitely decided to pursue their separate paths in life after Katy has been pregnant for quite some time with her new partner Marlon Byrd. A fitness instructor himself, it isn't too hard to imagine how Katy and Marlon's attraction initiated.

Katy Kellner pregnant alongside her new boyfriend Marlon. (Photo: Katy Kellner's Instagram)

Though the reason behind Shannon and Katy's separation has not yet been revealed by both the camps, it is believed that Shannon's huge admiration for Nicole Murphy might have something to do with their separation.

Shannon has largely made his feelings towards Nicole abundantly clear in his social media accounts and on his own show as well.

Family Sacrifices Not Yet Forgotten

After achieving three super bowls ring in his career duration, a ring considered by many to be the greatest prize in sports, nobody would have blamed Shannon had he let fame get over his head and changed his lifestyle.

However, till the date, Shannon still remains a humble family guy who remembers the roots from which he originally belonged.

In his hall of fame induction ceremony in 2011, Shannon proved all that he remains ever so grateful to the sacrifices his family had gone to let him be the man he is today. Talking about his grandmother, who passed away the same year, he reminisced his final words towards a woman who he owes all his success to.

“I asked her, ‘Are you proud?’ I said, ‘Granny, are you proud of your baby? Because everything I’ve done in my life, I’ve tried to please you.’”

Shannon, like his grandmother, remains ever-so-grateful to his former footballer brother Sterling Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe hugging his brother Sterling during his hall of fame induction in 2011. (Photo:

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Talking to Fox Sports in 2017 about his decision to gift his brother his super bowl XXXII ring, Shannon mentioned the gift to be the repayment for the sacrifices Sterling has made for Shannon.

“I had been very selfish on my path to that championship. My place in the game was made that day. No one can take away that championship. As I hoisted the Lombardi Trophy I knew the time had come to give back. I won three Super Bowls in my career, but the first was the most special. It wasn’t my victory alone. It was Sterling’s as well. So I gave him my ring.”

Shannon, age 50, besides being a loving son and a brother also remains a proud father to his children. He displayed just how important his children are to him after mentioning how he is going to utilize his NFL pensions in a tweet on 24 July 2017.

“My pension is for my kids. I've got a lot of responsibilities I take care of Mom, sister, kids, my own household.”

So whilst the NFL great now continues to entertain Fox Sports viewers with his show alongside Skip Bayless, it would be safe to assume that Shannon has not forgotten his responsibilities towards his family just yet.