What Is John Bradley-West's Age From GOT Whose Weight Loss Is A Fan Concern; Has Dating Affair With Girlfriend Or Is A Gay?

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What Is John Bradley-West's Age From GOT Whose Weight Loss Is A Fan Concern; Has Dating Affair With Girlfriend Or Is A Gay?

It is said that the people, who seem insignificant at first, have the last laugh.

Aspiring actor John Bradley-West plays the role of 'Samwell Tarly' in Game of Thrones. His character initially looked nothing more than a misshaped man struggling for survival in a realm where even the greatest warriors were killed like insects. But, as the show developed, Samwell proved to be worth more than just another casualty. 

And with John's performance, the GOT character became one of the fan favorites.

Amid his onscreen fame, people often have the same question, is John Bradley a married man, or is he casually dating a girlfriend? Moreover, he has a lot of friends who belong to the gay side, but is it because he too belongs to the category? Let's find out!

John Bradley’s Love Life: Has Wife, or Is Gay?

John Bradley has a soft, innocent character in GOT, who had an on-screen match-up with Hannah Murray's Gilly. Their sizzling chemistry on-screen led people to speculate them sharing a love bond in real life as well.

Moreover, as they worked on the same set, they were often seen spending time together. John frequently drove her back home after the show, and he even did some romantic things, like taking her out to dates and buying flowers for her.

John Bradley and Hannah Murray Posing during an event (Photo Credit: hitberry.com)

However, despite the hype surrounding their romance, the onscreen duo never came out as lovers.

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Later, when John commenced working for GOT's season four, he developed an affair with a girlfriend named Emily Dean. But, nothing much was made public about their relationship issues.

John Bradley with then-girlfriend, Emily Dean (Photo:

As the actor has many gay friends, there was a rumor of him being gay as well. But he said, 

I think there's this kind of sub-category of people who like chubby men with beards, but I don't know what they're called. I should probably find out. I have heard about that, and I'm deeply flattered. But I think that, once again, to go back to "use whatever you've got," I'd never rule anything out. But as far as opportunities go—if you're talking about straight men such as me—[then] in what capacities do you mean?

Well, the actor's fans can take a break with the stories as he is single no more. John has been dating Rebecca April May for a while now.

John Bradley poses with girlfriend Rebecca April May on 12 April 2019 at Game of Thrones premiere in Belfast ( Photo: Rebecca April May's Instagram)

The pair became Instagram official in 2017 and kept flaunting their love on the social media app. A pop culture writer and broadcaster by profession, Rebecca works in the entertainment industry like her beau but behind the scenes. Previously she worked in MTV movies and also as a gaming editor.

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Well, the talented lady accompanied her boyfriend to the 2019 Belfast premiere of Game of Thrones. The pair looked very much smitten with each other.

Besides his workplace, John took his lady love to Greece on a romantic holiday in summer 2018. With the pair’s evident love and chemistry fans cannot help but wonder if they will take the plunge and get married. But the love birds are yet to reveal anything out.

Curiosity About John's Weight Loss

A fan had a curiosity that, as John's character Samwell is a part of Night’s watch and doesn't have access to lots of food; why wasn’t be able to lose his weight in first three series. The fan asked,

'‘I’ve just been wondering, why are you still so fat?’

Surprised with the fan's question, he replied,

“Look, this is a fantasy show, We’ve got fire-breathing giant dragons, we’ve got ice zombies, we’ve got a woman giving birth to a cloud. Why is it me still being fat that you just don’t buy?”

He was amazed why weight loss had been an issue, and also revealed that people would see his different light in the fourth season.

John’s Role In Game Of Thrones!

John Bradley, an English actor, was born in September 1988. He plays a crucial role in GOT featuring an innocent character, and his age was just 22 when he got the part.

John Bradley as Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones' Season 7 (Photo: rawstory.com)

Bradley was not so skilled at first. Still, he used to work with intelligence. He acted well with Kit Harington, who played a part of John Snow, being his close friend in GOT. But in that kindness, was hidden his self-benefit. 

Game of Thornes is all about spoilers, and it is a great series. John Bradley got an opportunity to play in GOT through his University website, where he played a character of Samwell Tarly.

Some of the co-stars, namely Finn JonesJerome FlynnSophie Tuner are also sharing the set with significant roles in the series. John's role was of the oldest son and former heir of Lord Randyll Tarly, the head of House Tarly and Lord of Horn Hill.

They were counted as the most powerful noble families in the Reach. His father once ashamed of him, forced him to take black under threat of deaths to disinherit him.

Due to his role in the much-loved series, John has managed to accumulate a net worth of $4 million.