Is Alissa Violet Dating A Fellow Viner Or Is She Just Too Bored To Have A Boyfriend?

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Is Alissa Violet Dating A Fellow Viner Or Is She Just Too Bored To Have A Boyfriend?

Having achieved a massive amount of followers through her Vine channel, teen star Alissa Violet has stashed her men away from life. Is it due to unexpected boredom she see in people or is she quietly dating her fellow viner?

Without further delay, we shall scoop you with her relationship status and her current man.

Seeing A Viner Or Seriously Bored?

With the bombshell figure and a charming face, it was just impossible for the star not to have a boyfriend. But everything got stashed away when she confirmed her status to be single through the Twitter and kept on throwing a puzzling clue via her Twitter account to baffle the media and her followers. At one point of time claims, she is bored to have a man in her life.

But at the same time reveals her secret desire to have a man in her life. 

At the age of 20, her fans were scrolling through her sites to get hold of the information regarding her ongoing relationship and even offered her to be one for her.

However, on her show, Alissa reveals about having a new boyfriend, which ultimately soar the buzz. But in the meantime, she still confirms about her singularity despite getting attracted to several men.

Caption: Alissa Violet, gives a boyfriend alert through her channel (2016)

Similarly, Violet posted several pictures with her co-star Jake Paul which created a buzz in the social media. Her fan followers sought for more details regarding her shared relationship with Jake Paul. But the rumor died when Alissa confirmed the existing relationship between Jake and her got limited by friendship rather than a relationship through the Instagram post.

Well, even though Alissa has heaps of male friends, she chose to remain single. Maybe she is in no mood to get involved in the melodramatic area caused by a relationship.

However, there remains a likely chance for her to be in a relationship secretly but refrains from disclosing it to avoid unwanted scandals or paparazzi that would probably put a black mark on her burgeoning career or else she is waiting for a right moment to disclose about her ongoing relationship with her mystery man. So, the media and her fan followers must patiently wait for it till she removes the curtain from her relationship.