Once Engaged Ally Brooke Dating Anyone After Split With Boyfriend? Or Too Busy Working On New Music?

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Once Engaged Ally Brooke Dating Anyone After Split With Boyfriend? Or Too Busy Working On New Music?

Fifth Harmony is a band that comprises of four gorgeous ladies, who are equally brilliant with their music. One of the key members of the band is Ally Brooke, who has been a sensational singer with an amazing voice.

But apart from her amazing voice, she encompasses a beautiful personality and has attracted a lot of people towards her. Amid all the attention, she also discovered love with several partners.

We know that the band once gushed about her getting engaged, but what happened to the engagement?

Moreover, we know that she once dated a man in her life, but she soon parted ways with him. So is she dating anyone after the split with her boyfriend or is she just too focused on her ever budding career? Stick around to find out!     

Ally Brooke: Once Said To Be En Route To Getting Engaged Split With Her Boyfriend: Dating Anyone Now?

Ally Brooke was once said to be en route to getting engaged, but hang on, the day on which they made the announcement might have something to say here.

It was an April fool's tweet, and that is why there was no truth behind it. Plus, she has never revealed nor has the news circulated about the gorgeous singer taking a step ahead towards starting a married life.

So the tweet was just sweet caress for the fans, who were looking forward to hearing such happy news about their beloved singer.

However, one thing is for a fact; Ally and Troy Ogletree once were in a dating relationship with one another. 

Caption: Ally Brooke and Troy Ogletree dated for three years before splitting.

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Fans were shipping Brooke and Troy for months before they actually made it official and revealed they dated for a full three years. Such suspense!

But they then called it quits in November 2015, and from the way, they seemed on social media; they knew that they were messed up then. 

When the news of the split came forth, Troy tweeted,

The reason behind the downfall of the couple's relationship, however, was not revealed. But the fans were left in total disbelief to see one of their most adored couples split this soon. 

However, her fans now wonder if she has been dating anyone after her split with Troy. 

Ally has reportedly been dating Will Bracey since January 2016. The two have been relatively quieter about their relationship and the nature of their connection, which is why no significant information about them being together can be detailed. 

Caption: Will Bracey and Ally Brooke are reportedly dating one another.

Photo Credit: 5-hphotos.com

As of now the only hope of knowing the truth behind the curtain is to wait until one of them gets vocal about it. 

More You'd Like To Know About Ally Brooke; Her Wiki-Like Bio.

Ally Brooke, who was born as Allyson Brooke Hernandez on July 7, 1993, is a Mexican-American singer and is the oldest member of all girl band, Fifth Harmony.

She formerly auditioned for The X Factor during the show's auditions in Austin, Texas, which is not far from her hometown of San Antonio. Ally sings Full-Lyric Soprano with 1 note and 3 octaves.

Speaking of her family life, she is very close to her parents and has often gushed about her love for them on social medias.


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Ally wishing her father on his birthday and father's day which fell on the same day is an example of the love for him that she flaunts.


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Also, her love for her mother is equally adorable!


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Speaking of the love she has for her mother; back in 2015, she requested her fans to pray for her mother, as she had to undergo surgery.

Via a heartfelt message on Instagram, she shared how she wanted her fans to pray for her mother,

"Alright everyone. The day has come for my sweet mama. Tomorrow she will be having surgery at 7:30am. My family and I will be with her. Please keep her in your prayers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has prayed, donated and wished her well. I will never be able to repay you for the kindness and generosity you've shown, I promise you I will pay this forward (more to come on that later). We are nervous of course, but have all of our faith in God. Thank you so much."


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Additionally, while her mother went to the operation theater, she continued asking her fans and close ones for support.

Fortunately enough, with all the showering love and care from the fans, her mother come out of such phase unscathed. They have been living a happy life since!

Moreover, one of the biggest news for the fans of Fifth Harmony in 2017 is that the band has announced the title and the release date of their highly anticipated third album, which is going to be self-titled. 

The band's album is all set to release on August 25, 2017. 

Talking about Ally's earnings, the success of her band and her music has helped her accumulate a net worth of $3 million