Bridget Kelly Ends Dating Affair! Boyfriend Cheats - How True?

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Bridget Kelly Ends Dating Affair! Boyfriend Cheats - How True?

Usually, behind a relationship's demise, both the people involved in it may have their own share of incompetence. If a person is cheating on another one chances are that the person being deceived must be at fault too, be it just to a certain degree. If everything were to go smooth, why would anybody take the route of cheating their significant other?

Bridget Kelly a pop and R&B singer too, calls herself the victim of being cheated upon as she has ended her relationship with her boyfriend for the very reason. But was her boyfriend the only one at fault? 

Keep reading to uncover the fact.

Bridget Kelly Alleges Former Boyfriend of Cheating:

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Bridget love life isn't a mystery as everybody knows she dated James Shipp Jr. Both of them starred in the reality television series and were together in a dating affair for seven years, as per the source. 

However, their relationship hit the 'rocky' phase when Bridget recorded a song titled “P***y So Good” with Ray J.; James wasn't happy about Bridget's collaboration with Ray J. Following the bitterness that their union was going through, their relationship ended being telecasted on TV. 

Bridget shared about the fallout of their relationship stating James was unfaithful; however, she still wanted to work things out. Kelly expressed,

“The unfaithfulness on his side came around right before our breakup,” Kelly told BOSSIP. “I didn’t want that to be broadcast because it looks petty, like I’m trying to justify my behavior. I wanted to work it out because I felt so guilty about my past transgressions that I wasn’t about to throw him under the bus on TV.”


Bridget Kelly, her former boyfriend, James Shipp Jr.  (

On the other hand, James has another story to share, as he claims that Kelly, previously cheating on him with multiple affairs, probably played a part in their split. Well, Kelly did open up about cheating James once or twice, back in time. So, it sounds legitimate of James stating the very reason behind their breakup. But, it's difficult to conclude as to who is the one at significant fault in their relationship. Is it Kelly who did wrong, or, James screwed things up? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comment section down below.

Additionally, after breaking up with James, Kelly soon hooked up with Daniel Gibson!

Bridget Kelly's Short Bio:

Bridget, an American singer, and songwriter from New York City, who shares mixed ethnicity belonging to the Irish and Bahamian ancestry, was born to her parents on April 8, 1986. 


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Her parents, who never were affiliated with the entertainment industry, accidentally discovered Kelly's rare talent during a family road trip. Bridget's rendition of “Killing Me Softly," a Lauryn Hill’s 1995 remake made it clear that Kelly's 10-year-old voice was all ready for a bigger stage than their back seat. Later, her dad signed her up for the local church choir, considering Bridget's talent required an outlet.

“My dad signed me up for our local church choir immediately. We didn’t even go to Church, but he was sure to get me in there. He insisted on their structure and dedication to music.”

Kelly then graduated from 'Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts' in Manhattan and eventually got signed with Roc Nation, an American rapper, and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z's record label in 2008.

Bridget, who has written music for pop artists like Kelly Clarkson, released her single lyrics "Special Delivery" in 2012, which managed to climb up to the 51st position in US' R&B chart. 

Bridget Kelly's single, 'Special Delivery' (Published on May 16, 2013)

Apart from singing Kelly is also a reality television star who has appeared on the VH1 reality series 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' in its fourth season. Moreover, with her involvement and contribution in the entertainment industry, Bridget sure must have accumulated a hefty net worth, the figure of which is yet to get revealed.