Even As A Love Guru Matthew Hussey Having A Hard Time Finding A Girlfriend? Keeping Dating Affair Low-Key Or Is A Gay?

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Even As A Love Guru Matthew Hussey Having A Hard Time Finding A Girlfriend? Keeping Dating Affair Low-Key Or Is A Gay?

It is often said that the one who has not been in a relationship is the best person to give the perfect advice for lovers and about love. Also, it is easy to give advice to anyone but harder to implement in own’s life. Either of the cases precisely applies to 'the love guru' Mattew Hussey.

The matchmaker of the NBC’s ‘Ready For Love’ who has helped many women and men to find their Mr/Miss perfect in their life, what about his personal life? Does he have a girlfriend or is having a hard time to get one? Let’s dig the fact in our story today.

Is his dating skills not working out or hiding someone behind the sheets?

The British presenter who has his distinct views in matchmaking has won hearts of many. But people often wonder if anyone has been able to win over his heart. Giving tips and advice to people with regards to love has been his go to work thus far. And the all in all answer is ‘No.'

The love guru who has helped many to get to their soul mate has not still found his perfect partner. It seems so, as he has no girlfriend till date. Maybe he is just focusing on doing his matchmaking work.

The mantra of the presenter must not have been applied in his "words of wisdom" for his cause and have a partner in life. We might have to wait and see. 

“Get The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve” Author, being single gave birth to the speculation of being gay, but his fans strongly came out and said he is not a gay. Also, there is no proof or statement to enlighten the rumor.

Caption: More about the love guru Matthew Hussey. (Published on April 23, 2013). 

In an interview, he shared his thought about the relationships. He divulged,

“I once talked on my blog about the seven words to describe an ideal relationship: Never stop trying to impress your partner. If you can both stay in that place, when you really want to show the best of yourselves to each other, relationships can become such a powerful team. I love the idea of relationships as being the ultimate team - someone you share everything with, who completely and utterly backs you, and whom you give to completely unselfishly. It’s easier said than done, but we all need something to aspire to.”

That is the genuine and warm words about relationship any woman would instantly fall for. That must be his rising career which is making his name in its way to success, and that leaves no time for romance. Or else he is still looking for his significant other.

He started his professional career from the NBC's 'Ready for Life' which must have contributed in his net worth but his exact figure of net worth is not official yet as it is in the case of his girlfriend and dating affairs. Even though Matthew Hussey has done some incredible work in his career so far, the matchmaker is really living a low-key life, unlike any other celebrity.