Kofi Siriboe Says His Parents Are Supportive; Revealed He Did Not Have Any Girlfriend As A Teen But What About Now?

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Kofi Siriboe Says His Parents Are Supportive; Revealed He Did Not Have Any Girlfriend As A Teen But What About Now?

Don’t you think that family plays a vital role in one’s success and achievements? A supportive parents and understanding family is what a person needs who dreams big.

Well, our today’s contender is Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe. We will be talking about his personal life; a supportive family and affair.  

Siriboe's Supportive Parents:

Siriboe is one of those aspiring actors who is blessed with very supportive parents. He was born as a second baby of a Ghanaian couple. According to him, the success that he has achieved by the young age of twenty-two was not possible without his parents who stood by his side and supported him. In an interview with Essence in November 2016, he talked about his supportive parents and even shared their reaction to his acting career. Kofi said,

“I would say like the last four years of my life has been very, very adamantly like In that trajectory but they support completely. When I say support, they break all cliches, like they support it.”

“You know, just realistically, my pops still has that one foot in the door, we're slaying you know Make sure that education's on point. Make sure you know how to talk. Make sure everything's on point, because you can't get lost in the hype. But that never really stopped him from still supporting and backing even though he was a little apprehensive."

And furthermore added,

“My family. I think that's really the key factors. Just remembering where I came from, remembering why I'm in this industry. Or why I do what I do. Which is just to connect.”

Caption: Kofi Siriboe talking about his supportive West African parents in November 2016. 

Video Credit: Essence

Reveals About Relationship; Seeing Anyone?

While building up the career as a teenage actor, Kofi was never involved in any relationship. In an interview published in the 2016’s November issue of InStyle, he revealed that he didn’t have any girlfriends and was shy to go shirtless as he was overweight. He explained,

"I'm not confident, I was overweight as a kid. I got up to 210 pounds. I never wanted to go to pool parties, and when I did, I wore a shirt in the water and got made fun of. I didn’t have a girlfriend, I didn't have sex. I didn’t do anything."

This might be the only interview where Kofi has talked about his relationship. He has never been witnessed with a girl who could be guessed as his girlfriend neither there are rumors about his dating. It seems that Kofi is working hard to incline his career as he is not worried at all about finding his lady love and getting married.

Twenty-two-years old Kofi Siriboe has already marked his place in the industry by appearing in Queen Sugar (2016). Along with Queen Sugar, he has appeared in many other popular films. Some of his recent acting credits are Awkward (2014-2015), Knotts (2015), Kicks (2016), Snowfall (2016) and Girl Trip (2017). Kofi has been receiving an incredible salary from his profession which helps him to make an eye-catching net worth. However, his net worth is not yet revealed.