Kyle Chrisley, 26, Stepping Up With Wife! This Is What He's Been Up To

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Kyle Chrisley, 26, Stepping Up With Wife! This Is What He's Been Up To

Life gives you several chances to redeem yourself; all you have to do is take it. A troubled past is an indication that you raised through the hell. Same goes for Kyle Chrisley, son of self-made millionaire Todd Chrisley.

Kyle Chrisley, who starred with his family on reality TV series "Chrisley Knows Best" stepped up in his life leaving behind his troubled past. Well, let's take a tour through his life. 

Kyle Chrisley And His New Life With Wife!

Kyle Chrisley, the eldest son of Todd Chrisley, had his ups and downs in life. Starting from going to rehab to being accused of domestic violence to losing custody of his only daughter Chloe, he has been through it all.

However, Kyle who is 26 of age is all set for the new beginning with his wife, Alexus Chrisley moving on from the past where his drug issues cleaved him from his family.

Moreover, Kyle, who has not touched drugs and stayed sober for four years now, has purchased a brand new 3,000 square foot dream home in Georgia. Kyle talked with Radar Online on 6 July 2017 after a week of purchasing his new home and stated,  

“We just moved in last week and we are already loving it. I never would have dreamed that I would own a 3,000 foot house and we are just so blessed,”

He shared,

“I cannot wait to start a family with my wife once we are all settled in. She is my best friend and is going to make a great mother,” 

Likewise, he shared his excitement as he posted a picture with his wife and their newly purchased home on the facebook back on July 27, 2017. He shared his gratitude as the new home marked a new beginning in his life with his wife and daughter Chloe.

Moreover, Kyle talked about being blessed and making memories with Chloe which raised doubts about his daughter Chloe's custody. The commenters were curious to know if he regained Chloe's custody but there were no signs of response from Kyle. Chloe is a daughter of Kyle with his baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Angela Johnson. 

Kyle had issues with his father Todd which resulted in losing the custody of his daughter Chloe to his father and also being cast out from"Chrisley Knows Best" after its season 1. 

Meanwhile, Kyle who had altercations with his dad finally let go the anger towards him and the Chrisley family. He shared his feelings towards his family with Radar, stating,

“I do not talk to my family but I wish them nothing but the best. I have moved on with my life I am just going to be the best father and husband that I can be.”

He added,

“I have an amazing career and a wonderful life today and would not change a thing.”

Kyle and his wife Alexus record music together under the name Kyle and Alexi. 

Life Of Kyle Chrisley At Glance

Kyle Chrisley was born on August 29, 1991, to Todd Chrisley's first wife Teresa Terry in South Carolina. Kyle, the firstborn of Todd was raised under the wings of his dad and stepmother Julie Chrisley.

However, Julie had to go through a fatal disease, Cancer along with plastic surgery and weight loss surgery. Kyle was raised along with his siblings Lindsie,  Grayson, Savannah and  Chase Chrisley  

Moreover, Kyle didn't have an easy life tackling with drugs. Before Kyle rose to the fame, he was sent him to Samoa to work with the Red Cross and finish his education. Kyle then starred along with his family on reality TV series "Chrisley Knows Best" on its first season but was not seen on the second as he was dealing with his personal issues.

However, no matter what his past hold, he is set for new beginnings now. Well, it is true, you grow through what you go through.