Serinda Swan's Wiki: Everything you need to know about this Inhumans Star's Dating Affair and Family

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Serinda Swan's Wiki: Everything you need to know about this Inhumans Star's Dating Affair and Family

Finding things about a celeb who just takes your breath away is intriguing as well as soul-satisfying, but ALAS! Celebs do not help in that as they tend to keep their personal life to themselves.

We have encountered such private celebrities on multiple occasions. John Wesley and Jesse L. Martin are two of many such celebrities. Both men have their personal life so well hidden; it sometimes feels life space exploration. There is something there, but not sure exactly what!

Well, adding up to that list today is undoubtedly hot, sensational and talented actress Serinda Swan, who has most deservingly made her way into fictional TV series by MARVEL, Inhumans. So today, let’s do some digging to see if there is something to shovel up.

Does Serinda Swan Have A Dating Affair Or Perhaps A Boyfriend?

Like mentioned earlier, Serinda falls in the list of private celebrities and that undoubtedly covers her personal life.

Serinda Swan, the 33 years old actress, is very active on her social media platforms, but there’s no clue if the actress has a boyfriend or even if she is dating someone secretly.

However, she once was rumored to be dating Jimmi Simpson in 2012. Serinda was also linked with Mehcad Brooks, her co-star from Blood in Blood in 2010. She as well was reported dating Niall Matter and Terrel Owens in the year 2009 and 2008 respectively.

While her fans are bewildering if the actress is, in fact, single or not, Serinda is pretty occupied with her work and the stuff she supports. She is an advocate for equality and freedom for women and an animal lover as well.


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Serinda also has a French Bulldog by the name Buddha; a dog that is pretty stylish and a lazy bag of joy at the same time. Well, Serinda is not in need for a boyfriend, when she has a squishy, snuggling and cuddling partner.


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Serinda's Beliefs!

While sharing staggeringly beautiful pictures of her, Serinda also frequently posts on equality and freedom for girls on her Instagram. She and Ariel Swan, whom she calls her sister, also initiated a fundraising program which would help Ariel to build a community in El Salvador.

She often participates in such activities and believes; the world can be made a better place with a combined force. Serinda once inspirationally captioned one of her Instagram picture, where she tried to raise awareness about sex trafficking,

“I believe in love. I believe in hope. I believe in freedom. Together we can be a voice for the voiceless, stand up for those who are shackled, and show the second largest criminal enterprise in the world that we will no longer allow them to hide in the shadows. It's time to end sex trafficking.”


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Recent News on Serinda Swan.

Most recently, Serinda Swan, who also appeared in ‘Sister,’ is now a part of Inhumans as Medusa, Queens of the Inhumans whose husband is Black Bolt.

In the series, Serinda’s character will have the power of supernatural control over her hair which empowers her to do spectral tasks; all while being the most trusted advisor to husband Black Bolt.

The TV series showrunner Scott Buck said about the role of Serinda,

“Serinda Swan brings a regal elegance, as well as a sense of great inner strength and fierce determination, to the role of Medusa. I couldn’t be happier to have her as our Queen of Attilan.”

Serinda Swan's Short Bio.

Serinda Swan was born on July 11th, 1984, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Despite being a native Canadian, Serinda currently resides in the United States. Talking about Serinda's body measurements, the actress stands at the height of 5ft 7inches, and weigh around 60-65kgs.

She was born in a family of four, which includes her father Scott Swan, a Canadian Theatre Director, Mother, and her Sister. Serinda seems to have followed her family footstep as her father was involved in the entertainment biz, plus her mother was a retired actress.

At the moment, Serinda has multiple projects at hand. Aside from Inhumans, Serinda is involved in Ballers, Sentient, and Blood Ride as well.

Stay with us as we'll be keeping you updated on the latest happenings in Serindsa Swan's life!