Sexually Abused As a Child, CNN's Don Lemon Came Out as Gay in 2011: Boyfriend/Partner, Married?

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Sexually Abused As a Child, CNN's Don Lemon Came Out as Gay in 2011: Boyfriend/Partner, Married?

Many people struggle to come out when it comes to sexuality, but a very few are brave enough to come out, proud of who they are. Speaking of getting out, many celebrities have the tendency to be brave enough to reveal they are true to nature. Don Lemon is one of such journalist who came out as a gay in 2011 as his interview with the New York times about his book, ‘Transparent.'

Life After 'Coming Out':

However, the CNN correspondent came out very late in his mid-forties. He also covered a motivational story on ‘Is Coming out a Big Deal?’ Where he has explained why it was late. Even though Lemon had opened up to a particular number of people from his private life a long time ago, he had feared that it would change the perceptive of how people portrayed him.

But soon he realized that if people like Phil Robertson, who has a rather anti-gay perspective are given a platform and are celebrated than he and his recently gay proclaimed gay colleagues like Robin Roberts deserved a platform to celebrate as well.

Caption: Don Lemon confirms his sexual orientation on air.

Another Sorrowful Confession:

But that isn’t the only thing that Lemon has confessed to the world. In September 2010, while he was interviewing some young defendants of the Bishop during a Pedophilia lawsuit he mentioned how he, himself was once a victim of a pedophilia. The CNN host also mentioned that this was something he hadn’t shared with his mother until he was 30.

Caption: Don Lemon talks about his dark past, reveals that he was a victim of Pedophilia.

Later he revealed on Twitter that he had no intention to say it at first, but later it just came out in reply for all their warm words.

Successful Private Life:

But presently, Lemon is as happy as he can be. Anybody will be, after the burden, he lifted publicly. In his own words, Empowerment gradually takes over Fear. Speaking of Happiness, you would be pleased to know that he is happily married with his boyfriend, John Byrnes. There was also a rumor that his wife was an actress named Elizabeth Ortiz but this has not been proven.

Besides, it’s tough to believe that considering he is already confirmed to be gay. However, he was engaged with the partner, Calvin Harris for a while.

Slamming Scottie Nell Hughes:

The issue of 'sexual assault' came in the discussion once again on CNN in October 2016. This time, Don Lemon was joined by CNN pundits Scottie Nell Hughes and Margaret Hoover in the case of the sexual assault allegations on the presents Republican Candidate for the presidential debate, Donald Trump.

When the discussion was going on about how Donald Trump groped Linda Ross many years ago.

In the middle of their conversation, when Hughes says,

"That is insulting to someone who is a survivor of sexual abuse, and a product of a single mother, a product of sisters and aunts who looked after me,” Lemon said. “I would say this is a imperative issue in American.”

Caption: CNN's Don Lemon smacks down Scottie Nell Hughes: 'That is insulting as a survivor of sexual abuse' on October 2016

Don Lemon Blows Up On Donald Trump

It's no news that Donald Trump and CNN reporters have qualms with each other and Don Lemon definitely has a quarry to settle with President Trump. While contrasting President Trump with Ex-President Obama Don Lemon had the guts to ask some essential questions about the current president stating,

: If you're a Trump supporter and the president is saying this, do you want a president that is unchallenged, who only delivers a message that he wants? That is not the American way. 

Presidents -- anyone who is in authority should be challenged, should be held to account by the American people, the people who put them in office. And that is what the media does whether he likes it or not. It's not about the president; it's about the people who actually pay the president's salary...

Tell the truth at the podium! And then it won't become a dog and pony show. Tell the truth, get better people to represent you, get people who will challenge you, get people who aren't afraid to tell you the truth, who will stand up there and said, 'look, this is the truth, stop tweeting so people don't have to defend you when what you write is indefensible.' ...

You know how much guff the Obama administration got when he didn't press conferences for -- for a while? Can you imagine if the Obama administration had done this? I'm just saying.

This isn't the first time Lemon has called out Donald Trump nor is it the first time he has butted heads with the President before. Trump has reportedly called Don 'perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting' while insulting journalists Stephen Colbert and Chris Cuomo at the same time. 

Caption: Don Lemon talks about the actions of President Donald Trump.

Don Lemon is an Emmy-award winning journalist and anchor who is seen hosting various shows on CNN. Despite that, he has worked for NBC as a correspondent and also the host of Weekend Today and MSNBC. He has majored in Broadcast Journalism from the Brooklyn College and attended the Louisiana State University.

His status as a journalist is very controversial as he is not only the winner of honorary awards like Edward R. Murrow but Awards like DART for being the worst journalist ever.