Vine Star Cole LaBrant, Young Age Snapchat Crazy, With Fashion Blogger Girlfriend. Who is She?

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Vine Star Cole LaBrant, Young Age Snapchat Crazy, With Fashion Blogger Girlfriend. Who is She?

Social Medias has been launching one feature after another. In this process, Vines have become a very common and popular one in social media.

Meet the young vine star Cole LaBrant, who has found a new obsession; Snapchat. Also, know about his new fashion blogger girlfriend in detail.

New to Snapchat:

Cole LeBrant is a 19-years-old internet star who is known for his vines. But it turns out that he has now turned towards Snapchat to further entertain his fans and followers. It looks like he will be uploading a lot of Snapchat from now. He recently posted on Twitter a video requesting others to add him on Snapchat.

About the Girlfriend Savannah Soutas and Dating:

Let us come to his beloved now. Starting this year, he has been dating the model, fashion blogger and fashion designer, Savannah Soutas. 

Soutas used to be a model. She gave birth to her daughter, Everleigh Soutas, when she was just 19 years old. 

She started an Instagram account called ‘foreverandforava’ with fellow fashion blogger Michelle Foley. Michelle's daughter Ava Foley and Soutas' daughter Everleigh . The Instagram account features their cute little daughters engaged in "modeling".

Caption: (From the left) Everleigh Soutas with her mother, Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley with daughter, Ava Foley

They also have a youtube channel with the same name. Now she has created her own fashion blog.

Relationship with Daughter:

Frankly speaking, her daughter is a bigger celebrity than her because she is the cutest model in the whole world. And don’t take her lightly for her tender age and height, Everleigh has been modeling since she was 8-months old and knows her way on the dance floor as well. It must be fun raising a daughter who is a fashionista as well.

Soutas is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in teaching.

Their Relationship:

Soutas and LeBrant have been seeing each other since 2016. They have a small age difference of 4 years; LeBrant is 19 whereas Soutas is 23. There is not much news about their relationship on the web but they do appear a lot in each other’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.


This about sums us up ?? And no, I'm not married. #SanFran

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This is my girlfriend. I didn't want to have to do this but I feel it's needed after all the confusion. Anybody who knows me knows how extremely picky I am, and how I would never date someone just to date someone. I've actually never had a girlfriend before just because I've never met someone who seemed right and fit my standards. Someone who laughs with me constantly, loves my goofiness, is my best friend, and most importantly encourages and grows my walk with Christ every second. Savannah is amazing, and anyone who thinks differently just because of what you may see on the outside or assume based on ones past obviously doesn't know the redeeming God that we know. Our relationship is rooted in Jesus and we are both believing in the fruit that will be produced because of us choosing Him first. She is in no way bad for me and in no way distracting me from God. Rather encouraging me and opening up new areas in my life for God to work in that I wasn't even aware needed fixing. God takes our worst, forgives it, and throws it in the deepest part of the ocean. That goes for any and everyone. Sin is sin, but I believe this God who created the universe from nothing, who conquered sin and death, and who can make the sun stand still is big enough to turn something the enemy deemed for destruction into such a blessing that brings God ultimate glory.. I don't know what God has planned for the future.. but I do know what He has planned for now, and now is amazing. Our relationship won't be perfect. We know that. We are imperfect people. But we are putting everything in the hands of Who is perfect, and trusting that. Thanks for sticking around with me all this time guys, and I hope you decide to support us through this :)

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Cole LeBrant’s birthday falls on August 21, 1996. He is the son of Sheri and Ken LeBrant. He is the eldest among his 4 sibilings in the family. He is very close with his sister Lily while his brothers, Jack and Clay, have also been working on their own vines.

LeBrant is one of the 3 members of the Dem WhiteBoys, a very popular vine collaboration. He recently posted a video on April recalling a famous video he did about a year ago asking Selena Gomez to prom.