Aisha Tyler Reveals Her Girlfriend

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Aisha Tyler Reveals Her Girlfriend

There are a lot of celebrities who are still hesitant to talk about their sexuality. But American actress Aisha Tyler shocked the public with her bluntness about being lesbian after ending her two-decade marriage. 

Let's find out who this gorgeous is currently dating.

Aisha Tyler's Lesbian Partner

It is very hard for celebrities to announce their sexuality publicly. But, on the other hand, Aisha is slightly different as she proudly announces her girlfriend to the world.

Aisha is currently enjoying a romantic life with her girlfriend, Emily Bett Rickards. The news about Aisha being a lesbian was a shock to everyone. Aisha never gave any heads up about her being a lesbian. However, her fans found out about her relationship with Emily in 2018. 

Aisha Tyler's Girlfriend

Aisha's first Instagram picture with her girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Aisha's romance got revealed when she posted a picture with her girlfriend, kissing and laughing in each other's embrace, on 27 October 2018. 

Her photo was enough to confirm their relationship. However, even though the picture surfaced like a wildfire, neither of them came forward and talked about their relationship. They even spent a lot of time during Emily's birthday on 24 July 2019. Yet, none have confirmed the nature or existence of a relationship.

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However, Aisha and her girlfriend, Emily, have posted their pictures on their social media. All the images show how happy is Aisha. But it wasn't the same in her previous relationship. 

Aisha Tyler's Husband

Aisha was once in a relationship with attorney Jeff Tietjens. Aisha and Jeff were high school sweethearts of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. After knowing each other for a long time, they married in 1992. The couple remained married for over two decades, but their relationship was going through quite a rough time, resulting in divorce. 

Even though their divorce was finalized in May of 2017, the pair had been living apart since 2015. However, it was Aisha's husband who filed for divorce in April 2016, citing irreconcilable differences as the leading cause of their split.

However, there were many rumors and speculations about their separation. Some rumors said that the main reason for their split was because of Aisha's inability to bear kids. Infertility was a real problem for the couple, they even tried multiple procedures, but nothing worked for them. 

Aisha even shared her sadness regarding her not being able to give any children to her ex-husband. However, she also said that her infertility was not the reason for their divorce, as they had already decided to stop trying for children way before their separation. 

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But the divorce was very hard for Aisha as she had to give $31,250 per month to her ex-husband for four years as spousal support. 

Aisha only talked about her split, but her husband Jeff remained mum during the entirety of the separation.

As Aisha was in a long marriage, there was no doubt that she was a lesbian. But after Aisha announced her girlfriend, people started to assume that the main reason for her divorce might be her sexuality as a lesbian. 

If we look at the details, Aisha announced her girlfriend in 2018, and her divorce was finalized in 2017. Therefore, there is a high possibility that Aisha found herself a lesbian during her married life and shared it with her husband. It also seems like her ex-husband, Jeff, is very supportive of her acceptance as a lesbian, which is why he let her go freely. However, these are just assumptions, and we cannot be sure until Aisha herself clears the speculations. 

However, Aisha has not allowed her divorce and lesbian speculation to hamper her profession. 

Aisha Tyler's Career

Aisha was born on 8 September 1970, in San Francisco, California, to her father, Robin Gregory, and mother, James Tyler. She also has a sister named Feri Tyler, but she separated from her sister when her parents divorced. 

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Both of her parents lived in different states, making it difficult for Aisha to meet her sister. Her sister, Feri, went to live in Oakland, whereas Aisha lived in San Fransisco. Even though Aisha did not get the opportunity to become close with her sister at an early age, they got a chance to reconnect when they became an adult. 

There are multitalented people around the world, and one of them is Aisha Tyler. She is an American actress, comedian, director, author, writer, comedian, and also a talk show host. 

With a height of 6 feet, her success in professional life is inevitable. She is also a nominee for multiple Day Time Emmys for her work in The Talk. 

Aisha is quite famous for the height she has achieved in her acting career. Her acting career has yielded over 70 credits, and among her many works include Death Sentence, Axis, Friends, For One Night, and Criminal Minds. 

With a vast array of skills displayed throughout her career, including projects on movies, TV shows, and series, Aisha has efficiently summed up a net worth of $4 million.

At the age of 51, Aisha still is busy with her other endorsement. However, she has perfectly balanced her work and personal life. She is currently in a very happy relationship with her girlfriend. We hope to hear the wedding bells soon. 

Stay tuned to get more updates on Aisha Tyler.