Still Not Married and Wife! Christian Keyes Talks About The Ideal Girlfriend? Has A Son But With Who?

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Still Not Married and Wife! Christian Keyes Talks About The Ideal Girlfriend? Has A Son But With Who?

When an actor is asked about his ideal girlfriend, it is often an attempt to know about his girlfriend. Similarly, Christian Keyes answered about his perfect girl but did he reveal anything about the woman he is currently dating? Let's find out.

Christian Keyes Ideal Girl!

Hollywood heartthrob Christian Keyes opens up about his ideal girlfriend and reveals his preferences regarding his girl in an interview. When asked about his ideal date Christian told that he wished to go a dinner date in a restaurant where his girl's favorite band would be playing and later grab some dessert and finally spend rest of the night at home and said,

I would start off by picking her up some flowers along with dinner at a nice restaurant. Next, we’ll catch a concert featuring one of her favorite artists like Maxwell. I’d, make sure the seats are not good but great.  Then grab a dessert afterwards and then conclude the rest of the date at home. Clearly the night is not over especially after that  concert and hopefully she may be a little excited and not want the date to end…(LOL)

When asked about three things that Christian looks in a woman his answers were sense of spirituality, drive and her sense of humor and said,

She definitely needs a sense of SPIRITUALITY, that’s huge. DRIVE is second! She has to have the type of determination that “she is O.K. with or without my help.” She also needs a SENSE OF HUMOR. I am silly when I’m not working and just being myself. I like to laugh and have a good time. There are times to be serious and then there are times to just relax and have fun.

Christian revealed that his favorite part of female anatomy is her smile and eyes and said, 

I have to say her smile. A woman’s smile can get me. Yeah, that is usually one of the first things I see; second thing are the eyes. That’s my favorite because that’s always the first thing that I notice. Smiles are something else…they’re powerful.

Further, Christian revealed that his celebrity crush was Sanaa Lathan and stated,

I knew this was coming. I will say this, I had it bad for Sanaa Lathan when Love and Basketball—first came out. I wanted to kiss that little scar on the side of her face. It didn’t get any hotter than her for a long time.

Moreover, when asked about the most exciting place where he had sex he replied,

Let me see…on top of my Camaro at the local high school and we set off the alarm. (LOL)

Christian shared that the most romantic city he ever visited was Miami because of its nightlife and meal  and said,

I really like Miami simply because of the beaches and the nightlife. It’s the perfect place for an ideal date. You can get a good meal…hit up a nightclub afterwards or whatever. I would have to say it’s definitely one of the most romantic places I’ve visited.

Christian Keyes has openly talked about his ideal girlfriend and his preferences but did he ever encounter any girl matching his preferences? If he ever did, also it remained a mystery as he did not reveal about his possible girlfriend and he has kept his love life under tight guards.

Christian’s rumored girlfriend has not made the headlines, or he has acknowledged any girl as his girlfriend so there is a possibility that he could be mistaken as gay but only time will reveal the truth of his speculated gay sexuality.Christian has chosen not revealed anything about the woman in his, but some sources claim him to be in a relationship with Baje Fletcher. 

Shares a son, but with whom?

However, Christian has not been married previously to have a wife, but he has become parents to his son Christian Keyes Jr. with whom he enjoyed a movie with his son and posted a photo via Instagram.


Movie time with #TheSequel #AssassinsCreed - yes we snuck in snacks!???? #DontJudgeMe

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An American singer and actor Christiana Keyes was born on July 24, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan United States. Christian began his career as a model and fitness trainer and made his acting debut in 2005 with an appearance in the film “Diary of a Mad Black” and went to do a recurring role in  Television Series “Let’s Stay Together”(2011-2014).

Further Christian acted in films like "Perfect Combination", "Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs", "Note to Self", "Black Coffee" and others. And Christian turned producer with "Lord, All Men Can't Be Dogs", "Note to Self", and "The Man in 3B" With all his hard work and dedication he has accumulated a net worth of $1.5 Million.