Damon Wayans Jr. Is Not Recorded To Be Married But Has Children; With Girlfriend Or Wife?

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How does another cliche relationship sound to a superstar? Familiar. Actor Wayans Jr. goes through yet another celebrity distress with the mother of his children, Aja Metoyer, who has another child but with a twist. The child is not Damons, what does this mean for Damon and his children? We find out more. 
Damon Wayans Jr. Is Not Recorded To Be Married But Has Children; With Girlfriend Or Wife?

The life of an actor only seems natural in the movies, but the reality is entirely different. Talk about Actor Wayans Jr., he's got a splendid life onscreen, but his real life is not so smooth like it is on camera.

With the bumpy relationship and the bigger question about his wife's third kid, The actor is lost searching for evidence as to claiming whether the third kid is really his or not!

Stuck between either parenting his daughters and the newborn son or moving on in life, Damon for sure doesn't have an easy going life!

The Bumpy Road With Girlfriend Ajay!

Damon Wayans Jr. is the father of two daughters from his ex-girlfriend, Ajay Metoyer, whom he had broken off with before getting married without revealing any particular reason.

Damon Jr. and Aja were childhood sweethearts who had been dating for some time, and soon they went separate ways while Damon Jr. still fathers the daughters. 

Caption: Damon Jr.(left) as he holds his daughter with his father next to him while out in the sun in 2013 (Picture:

No explanation on his part on why they broke up, but news revealed about Aja's affair with another man and with the recent revelation of a third child relating with Damon's daughters. 

Damon Suits For Custody For His Children: Third Child Problem!

With drama that stirred up back in 2013, marriage would be the last thing on Damon’s mind.

According to TMZ, Damon's baby mama gave birth to a third child, Xavier Wade somewhere in October 2013. Despite having no any confirmed relationships, she gave the child's last name to Dwyane.

NBA Dwayne (left) the father of Aja (middle) who is the mother of the and Damon's (Right) daughters (Photo:

After some brief period of time, the baby mama finally opened up the father of her third child, who was not other than the NBA player Dwayne Wade.

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During the brief split that Damon and Aja had taken, the reality star had taken off some time to stir some real time romance with the NBA star, which ended her with a baby bump. Only that her baby Xavier came to the world when she had reunited her ties with the "Let's Be Cops" actor Damon.

When TMZ interviewed Damon Wayans Jr. about how he felt all this commotion he replied,

“I really have nothing to do with Aja's situation. We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting."

Damon defended his daughters, as it may cause them some problems in the future, saying,

"My concern are my daughters and that they don't get hurt in any of this."

Adding on,

"love their little brother and that's all I care about."

But after the dramatic twist in Damon's life, Aja and Damon have been leading their separate lives. 

However, the recent tabloids hit the news about Wayans filing for full custody for his daughter to his baby mama after alleging her of not taking care of his kid's education seriously.

The Basketball Wives star Aja who has been receiving financial support from both Damon and Dwyane has been reported to have been putting her wishes ahead of her kids.

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The Happy Together star has been said to have declared his primary custody for his girls claiming that they have been suffering in the school of  “habitually absent” or tardy to class because of Aja's “inability to prioritize their education.”

He also further put his claims about his baby mama leaving his two girls alone to take care of their four-year-old half-brother Xavier.

With that power statement, Damon told the court that:

“I do not know how [Metoyer] spends the child support money she receives from me or the father of [Metoyer’s] other children, a 4-year-old whose father is basketball star Dwayne [sic] Wade.”

With that, the actors are now, facing one of the roughest time in their relationship, with the bigger responsibility towards their children and themselves.

A Little Back Story!

Damon Wayans Jr. son of Damon Wayans Sr. has a family of actors including his twin brother, Michael Wayans both looking remarkably similar has made a name for themselves in the movie industry.

Damon Jr. himself has a net worth of nine million dollars through T.V series such as “New Girl” and “Happy Endings” and movies such as “Let’s Be Cops” has got him a good reputation in the film industry.

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Safe to say he has no concern for marriage after Xavier's birth issues. No rumors have arisen regarding his relationships except for the daughter issues stated before. Fully focused on his career and his personal life whaling on with a large family, he shouldn’t have a problem that can't be solved.